La Fleche Du Coer

Measuring about sixty by seventy miles, the island is roughly the same size as La Fleche Folly. Still the two islands are very different in many aspects. On this island there used to be bred light riding horses, but the export has nearly come to a halt, as most of the horses are now reigned as war horses. Their character is not too suitable for that, but as the six major families of importance are battling for the throne, not everybody can make the choices they would like to make.
Under the current circumstances, La Fleche Du Coer is not the best place to travel to, unless of course you are looking for a job as a paid hand in the army of one of the six families. Also if you are looking for a job to protect one of the smaller independent families, you might be in luck. However for people that are not so capable of defense, the island is truly a dangerous place these days.


Due to the constant battles that are erupting all over the island and the many, many checkpoints that have been set up in the lands of the six families, but also at the places where these lands border, traveling takes about four times the amount of time one would expect, even though the roads are well kept on this island.
Under normal circumstances, people would travel by horse across the island, but currently traveling by foot is usually quicker although not always a safer option.

Geology of La Fleche Du Coer

On the northeastern rim of the islands, the remains of some volcanoes are found and there are in fact some mountains that shoot up to nearly four thousand feet. However the lands quickly flatten out into rolling hills that are mostly grass covered. The coastal areas are kept protected by a band of about two miles of forest, to break the winds of storms that might otherwise wreak havoc upon the island.
In recent years, these forests have been deteriorating as the owners are either not paid for maintaining them, or the owners have used trees to support the war effort. In the month of Con-Cluer of the year 6055, this has caused a small disaster for the Margonal family, which is one of the smaller families, living out on the eastern edge of the island. Their lands are protected by a stretch of forest, that is owned by the Trigal family.

It is important to note that there are only three harbors on the island, On the eastern shore there is Gonar, controlled by the Magdor family. On the south shore there is Tinal controlled by the Thibould family. On the western shore there is a very small fishing harbor controlled by the Milkor family. It is said that this last harbor is used in many smuggling schemes involving mister Meridoc.

Political situation

In the year 6016, King Theodin of the Migral family died. He left no heirs, as he was not married. His story is rather a sad one, as his parents died at sea during a violent storm when he was only four years old.
Until the day the king turned seventeen, his grand-mother ruled as a regentesse in his stead, but she as well had only one son. So with the death of the King in 6016, the line of the Migral family came to an end. In this light it is important to note that the Migral family did not own a farm, but ha only ruled La Fleche Du Coer for over seven hundred years.

Once the King had died and a proper period of mourning had passed, the seven important families of the island, who made up the council to the King, gathered to discuss what should happen. The general idea was that the council should decide which family was going to provide the new King. But with the seven families having about the same influence, none of them could sway the balance in their favor.
A second meeting was called and during this meeting, also the lesser families where invited. During this meeting, the leader of the Chardon family was poisoned and great turmoil arose. In the riot that followed, several family leaders where injured and at least twenty members of the important families where killed.
This has started a war for the throne which lasts until this day.

Since the war started, no formal ruler has been established and as such, the representative from La Fleche Du Coer in the great council has been withdrawn in 6017. Between the year 6018 and 6025 the major families have however been able to negotiate a situation where each of the families has a representative without speaking or voting rights in the sessions of the great council.

The warring families

Here you find a short description and some important facts about the seven major families. Now there are only six left, as the Chardon family has left La Fleche Du Coer.

The Brizant Family
In the year 6015, the Brizant family was almost thrown out of the council of the king, as they where considered to small to be part of the group of major families. However the King himself intervened and pointing at the fact that there had been seven major families in the council for over a thousand years, even before the Hancoock family joined the council, this was averted.
Ever since the King died, the Brizant family has been in the thick of the fight. Losing able people each year and seeing the number of horses dwindle each year. Their lands have been invaded from the north by the Milkor family and from the east by the Hancoock family. Eventually part of the family has relocated by the lands left vacant when the Chardon family left. They have tried to sign peace with various other factions, but the other factions now believe the Brizant family to be too small a force to be reckoned with.
This leaves the Brizant family with few options. For them there seems no winning option any more. If the war ends, they will lose their status as a major family and if the war continues, sooner or later, one of the warring factions will move in and usurp their lands.

The Chardon Family
The Chardon family was about the third family in size, but after the murder of father Isavar during the second meeting and the subsequent blame for the assassination attempt on Thorgal Hancoock, their grounds where attacked by both the Hancoock forces from the north and the Trigal forces from the east. Their defenses where not prepared yet and so they where nearly overrun.
Many Chardon's where murdered during this first battle and Gartilde, the wife of Isavar decided the family would leave the island. They have found refuge on La Grande Phare de Troy, where they set up a trading company.
Their numbers have dwindled, but the capital they have gained over the years could possibly provide them with an edge where they to join the battle again. On the other hand, Hardivar, the current leader of the family, has declared his intention to join the Sacred Seal of Troin and so he can not possibly involve himself in this battle.

The Gallegos Family
One of the more powerful families. They are not considered very sophisticated and they are known to have quite a number of half-orc mercenaries. This makes them a force to reckon with, although they have had a very hard time hiring new forces of late, as the harbors of Tinal and Gonar have been closed to half-orc's. It is said that the harbor of Snaldig, controlled by the Milkor family does still occasionally see half-orc travelers.
The Gallegos lands stretch all along the northeastern rim of the island, offering them a back-land with many hidden caves and secret valley's. During the assault of the Milkor family, which lasted from 6022 to 6030, this proved a perfect place to hide their stock of horses and other treasures. Currently the Gallegos family has major problems with the Brizant family, who have partly moved into the Hancoock lands after their own grounds in the south west where conquered by the Milkor family.
The war has taken a heavy toll on the Gallegos family and they are said to have only about two hundred horses left of what once was the prime stock of the island.

The Hancoock Family
Directly south of Digal, the capital of La Fleche Du Coer, the Hancoock Family has owned lands for over a thousand years. They are the oldest family that is still present on La Fleche Du Coer and until the death of King Theodin, they where constantly trying to get rid of the law that prohibits them to own more then five hundred horses. (In fact this is a common law that does not only apply to them.)
Ever since the war has started they have tried to rally the lesser families to support their claim that they should ascend the throne, as they are the oldest family. Though they have many members and are (measured in horses) one of the largest families, they are by far not the richest family. In the last hundred or so years, many Hancoock's have taken to adventuring and seldom have they returned with much bounty.
During the beginning of the war, the family sided with the Trigal family, but this bond has been broken the moment the Trigal family refused passage to Stirog Hancoock, who returned with his friends to support the Hancoock family. This was in the year 6018, so only two years after the beginning of the war. Stirog did arrive at the Hancoock grounds by arriving at the southern harbor, but he was killed in 6021, when he led an incursion into Trigal lands.

The Milkor Family
The Milkor family is one of the few to have another line of work besides horses and trade. They control the fishing harbor of Snaldig on the western shores. During the first years of the war, they where frequently attacked by the Hancoock family and their fishing boats where often attacked by ships from Gonar, controlled by the Trigal family. However once these two families started their own personal feud, their fisherman have been left in peace. Still the war has left the family with many scars and quite a number of members have died.
Currently the family owns only about one hundred and fifty horses. Making them the smallest of the six major families. The war has also cost them so much money, that they have been not been able to launch an offensive action for over a decade. There is some advantage to this, as the other major families have been ignoring the Milkor's nearly completely for over five years now.

The Thibould Family
Would the Thibould family have any allies, the battle would probably swing in their favor fairly quickly. However the other major factions seem rather eager not to give up and so if there is any current alliance, it is the other families against the Thibould family.
The Thibould family currently owns around five hundred horses and controls shipping thru the Tinal harbor. On the other hand, they seem not very eager to offer any real value for support.
Some rumors say that it was a member of the Thibould family who set up the poisoning of Isavar Chardon, but there has not been any proof that would convince the Asni family. However for now the Asni family does deny all Thibould family members the entrance to Digal. This again is a serious problem, where a Thibould to ascend the throne of La Fleche Du Coer.

The Trigal Family
On the eastern shores, the Trigal Family has found their home. Cunning traders, who are constantly threatening the Magdor Family for control of Gonar. The Trigal Family is a relative young family with a history going back only about two hundred and fifty years. However they currently face the same problem as the Hancoock family, they own five hundred horses and so by law are required to sell a horse for each horse that is born.
Their cunning trading has left them with a well filled treasure, but their efforts in the war have left them with many enemies and so they have the largest group of external mercenaries on their payroll.

The lesser families

Besides the major families, who have been busy to capture the throne, there are some smaller families on the island as well. These lesser families have little influence in general and most of them have been trying to stay out of the fight entirely. It seems highly unlikely that they would swing the balance of power.

The Asni Family
Not a single horse is owned by this family and so it would have been most logical that this family would rise to the throne after the dismiss of King Theodin Migral. However they are already the most important of the lesser families as they control and protect the city of Digal, the capital of La Fleche Du Coer. According to the constitution of the island, they are forbidden to own horses or ascend the throne.
The family is responsible for guarding the safety of all who visit the King.
With the tragedy of the second meeting in mind, they are determined, even to this day, to find the family responsible for killing Isavar Chardon. It is a common belief that if the Asni family would side with one of the warring families, this family would ascend the throne, but so far, the Asni family first wants to find the killer and only then are they interested in finding a new King. (Unless of course the remaining six families would come to an agreement.)

The Gania Family
Though small in size, this family which owns around sixty horses with grounds in the north west of the island, squeezed in between Milkor and Gallegos lands, has in the early years been involved in the war as well. Their major victory was the killing of Andorag Hancoock in 6023, then the leader of the Hancoock family. Ever since then, it has been the intention of the Hancoock family to exterminate the Gania family, but the Milkor and Gallegos forces have constantly blocked the way for the Hancoock forces.
In 6031, for the third time in a row, an arcane spell caster hired by the Gania family was assassinated and since that time, the family has kept a relative neutral position in the war. By now their lands are nearly entirely surrounded by Gallegos grounds, but that seems to hamper them little or not at all.

The Magdor Family
With a stable of only twenty horses, the Magdor family is the smallest of all the families on the island. They are considered the second most important small family, as they protect and control the eastern harbor Gonar.

The Margonal Family
The Margonal family owns a relatively small farm, nearly on the eastern shore of the island. They have very little to do with the entire war effort, as their lands are surrounded by Trigal grounds. However they have declared their independence in this war and so far, all the families have respected this statement.

Other Families
Besides these four minor families, there are five other families that have between ten and fifty horses.

Crime and Justice

It is very difficult to tell abut crime and justice on La Fleche Du Coer. There used to be a system where in each village and city there was a judge appointed by the throne. However with the current situation, the throne has not appointed any new judges ever since the death of King Theodin.
Besides this 'minor' problem, all the families have introduced special laws and justice keeping in mind the war situation. This means that crossing from the lands of one family into the lands of another family, the laws may drastically change.
Silly examples are for instance:
In Trigal lands, it is prohibited to wear your long sword on the right hand side of your body. (This offence is punishable by death.)
In Asni lands it is prohibited to wear a non peace bound weapon smaller then three feet in length. (This offence is punishable by 50 gp and a month imprisonment.)
It is forbidden to take a Hancoock marked horse of the Hancoock grounds, or to take a non-Hancoock marked horse onto Hancoock grounds. (This offence will forfeit the horse to the Hancoock lord and will further be punished by a fine of no less then 150 gp.)
In Milkor lands it is forbidden to transport a crossbow of any size. (This offence is punishable by 25 gp plus triple the value of the crossbow and bolts carried.)

The Constitution

Not all of the constitution has been recorded here, but some of the stranger laws have been recorded here for a clearer understanding of the conflict and it's back-grounds.

- 1 - On the Royal family: The Royal family is an independent body and as such the family is in charge with ruling the country.
- 1 - a - To avoid a conflict of interest between the Royal family and the country, the Royal family is not allowed to own any horses. Any horses owned by the royal family shall be sold in the course of no more then two years after the King ascends to the throne.
- 1 - c - On protecting the Royal family: The family which has made his home in the capital of La Fleche Du Coer shall be responsible for the safety of the Royal family and all who pass thru the city on state business.
- 1 - c - 1 - The protectors of the capital Digal and the Royal family shall not be the same.
- 1 - d - The protectors of the Royal family shall not own any horses, but may always command up to ten percent of the horses of any family. These horses will be promptly returned after they have served their purpose to the state.
- 1 - d - 1 - Any family owning one hundred horses or more, is required to have at least two percent of their horse stock with a minimum of five animals, present at the capital for commandment by the protecting family.

- 3 - On owning horses: Any registered family is always allowed to own up to five horses.
- 3 - a - The mentioned requirements and rights in this article do not supersede or change any of the prohibitations mentioned in article one of the constitution.
- 3 - b - Any family who has a seat in the council of seven major families, has the right to own horses, but they are limited to five hundred horses.
- 3 - c - Any family that is registered as a lesser family shall own no more then one hundred horses.
- 3 - d - Any family that is registered as a minor family shall own no more then fifteen horses.
- 3 - e - if thru birth, purchase or gift a family exceeds the limit, it shall sell the excess number of horses within thirty days.

- 7 - On changing the constitution: Only the Grand council shall change the constitution.
- 7 - a - The Grand Council shall have at least two meetings, which shall be announced at least ninety days in advance, but no more then two hundred days in advance. The two meetings shall be at least sixty days apart.
- 7 - b - To change the constitution, the Grand Council shall hold a vote during both meetings and at both meetings, the proposal for change shall gain a majority of 75% + 1 votes.
- 7 - b - 1 - For a vote to be valid, at least 70% of the voting rights shall be executed.
- 7 - b - 2 - If a family fails to attend meetings of the grand council for four consecutive times, the family shall have it's status lowered by one rank.
- 7 - b - 3 - A family that tails to attend six consecutive meetings of the grand council, shall be de-registered.
- 7 - b - 4 - The horses that a family holds in excess to their right after demotion or de-registration, shall be the property of the state after a thirty day period.
- 7 - c - For a single change in the constitution this procedure may be instituted only three times.
- 7 - d - On voting rights.
- 7 - d - 1 - A registered family shall have one vote for each horse they own.
- 7 - d - 2 - Additional to the number of votes derived from article 7.d.1, a minor family shall have five votes.
- 7 - d - 3 - Additional to the number of votes derived from article 7.d.1, a lesser family shall have ten votes plus one vote for each ten horses they own.
- 7 - d - 4 - Additional to the number of votes derived from article 7.d.1, a major family shall have fifteen votes plus one vote for each five horses they own.
- 7 - d - 5 - The Royal family and the guardians of Digal shall have as many votes as the third largest major family.

Not that the current constitution means that any family who claims the throne will have to sell all their horses, or the constitution needs to be changed to accommodate the claims of one of the major families.


Magic has never been a strong suit for any that live on the island of La Fleche Du Coer. That is to say, before the King came to pass away, when the populace was in need of arcane magic, they would call upon the elves of the forest, but they have left the island. When the populace was in need of divine magic, they would call upon the priests of the various gods, but again, they have either left the island, or refuse to aid as they stand the chance of being prosecuted for siding with the family they aid.
Some families, particularly the Gania family, have tried to hire spell casters to fight for them. However these spell casters proved to be short lived as the other families where very quick to hire assassins or even send in their own kin on suicide missions to remove this kind of threat.
In short this has made magic a very rare thing indeed and the ordinary peasant will probably not react very nicely to magic, as they simply are not used to this phenomena. Most of the Family members will know about magic, but there are only few of them left who have witnessed the workings of Magic.

Revered gods

With the general uproar and the fact that many of the nobles already had little to do with gods and faiths, most of the faiths have nearly disappeared from La Fleche Du Coer.
The only god that is still able to rally a reasonable amount of followers is Poseidon, the god of the sea, but his clerics are very careful not to participate in the battle in any way. This leads to situations where no priest is willing to heal wounded or sick people as this might lead to claims of siding with one family or another. The only part of Poseidon's domains that is recognized on La Fleche Du Coer is the water domain.

Main population

On La Fleche Du Coer, there used to be a minority of elves, who lived in the band of forests lining the shores of the islands. Ever since the war has broken out, more and more have we seen that the humans have treated the forest very badly and so the elves have now almost disappeared from the island. Of course some mercenaries of not human origin have found a job on La Fleche Du Coer, but still the island is considered to be human populated only.


The official export and import of La Fleche Du Coer has come to a grinding halt. Depending on the lands you are on, import and or export of nearly all goods is legally forbidden. This does not mean that no traders visit the harbors, as both the Magdor and the Thibould family is quite willing to bend their own rules, for the right price of course. The major problem right now is that most families are running out of funds to purchase any goods, since they are not willing to sell any horses any more.
Selling horses used to be the major source of income for the island, but ever since the war broke out, the horses have been used by the cavalry of the families and many a horse has died on the battle grounds, making the export of horses not a wise choice.

The Teolin Setting
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