Island of Hindlock

The most important information of Hindlock is not so much that it's capital is called Quinterasse and it's ruler is King Vincente Dusoleil. Most important is that sheltered by cliffs and reefs, on its northern shore a once small village now prospers. This is the free city of Hamlock. The island itself would not have made it to our attention, where it not for the wondrous wines it exports and the important trade function of Hamlock.
In size, Hindlock is not very impressive, measuring only about 80 miles from east to west and 100 miles from north to south.


Movement on Hindlock is rather hampered by many high mountain ridges. Furthermore traveling with large caravans is often not an option as on many roads there are sort of monopoly's on transport or transport can only be done under heavy guard. Some roads are ravaged by bandits so often, that many only travel these roads in convoy.
However due to the heavy traffic of the Hamlock harbor, most travel still has to be done by land, rather then by sea.
On average, most travels will take at least twice the time one would expect from the normal figures presented in the core books.

Geology of Hindlock

Hindlock is island with many high mountain ridges and few rolling hills. Flat lands are sparse, but on the mountain slopes there are many flat area's, where small villages of farmers have settled. The mountains also provide plenty of cover for bandits and other low-life.
Besides this problem, the island is not to difficult to access from most sides, save from the north, where many sharp reefs guard the entrance to the Hamlock harbor. In recent years, some of the reefs have been trimmed to ensure that large barges can enter the harbor.

Political situation

The free city of Hamlock has it's own political situation, but other then that, Hindlock has been a Monarchy for ages. This has led to having numerous government agency's and a large bureaucratic overhead.
The bureaucracy has to be paid for and so King Vincente Dusoleil has continued the practice of his forefathers to put heavy taxes on lands belonging to the inhabitants of Hamlock.
It might be important to note that King Vincente Dusoleil has been married in the course of this year (6056) and also his sister, Princess Donna Carlotta Metrvo Venico has been married. We expect to learn more on the situation in Hindlock and on Grinshaw in the comming months, as the princess has married Arod Baldwin.

Crime and Justice

In the city's you will see little crime fighters and city guards other then ceremonial guards. This also is not the working area of the bandits and other low-life's. Most bandits and criminals find it easier to work from the mountains and attack good transports and small settlements. Most goods are transported of the island by many of the small smuggling ports on the eastern and western borders of the island.
Punishment is severe, but tracking down bandits in the rough terrain often proves difficult.


On most of Hindlock, magic is forbidden. The king is too afraid that his authority might be brought down by "un-wise" use of these powers.
It is rumored that the royal family has access to some very powerful wizards to guard the use of magic. What is known is that higher level spells seem to be detected and the users sometimes disappear. However these story's are only told about the area around Quinterasse.
What is known, is that there is rather a strong anti-magic field around the royal palaces.

Revered gods

The primary deity of Hindlock is Nike, while most people follow the god Anubis to reach the afterlife.
The man in the street often follows Pan, but also Irtolie has many followers.

Main population

The main population of Hindlock is human.


Hindlock is famous for exporting quality wines and for trading just about every kind of wares you can imagine. The trade however is controlled entirely from Hamlock, where you will also find just about any craftsman you can imagine.
Due to the increase in population and the difficult geological situation, Hindlock is forced to import some food, but currently new techniques are being developed to increase the fertility of the ground and overall crop increases.
King Vincente Dusoleil spends much money on the bureaucracy, but also he has found a pet project in restoring peace on the nearby island of Grinshaw. Needless to say that the King seems to be the only person qualified to lead the dwindling, pirate infested nation of Grinshaw.

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