Island of Grinshaw

Grinshaw, the name of this island runs a shiver down many spines. The island is inhabited by criminals and pirates mainly. The reason for this is simple, the island is no more then a set of died out volcano's and so the bays are very hard to navigate. The other advantage is that many of the places where one would build houses are very hard to spot from a place that would be navigate able by people unknown to the island.
The island measures around one hundred by sixty miles, but realise that most of the island is very rough mountain terrain that is nearly impossible to travel thru.
Not to long ago, prince DuSoleil of the island of Hindlock has started a campaign to conquer the island. Normally this would lead to a debate in the council on Mercantie, but since Grinshaw has no representation there, not a soul is stirring.

Movement on Grinshaw

Once you fully understand the geology of Grinshaw, it is clear that most people prefer to travel by boat. As most of the bays are very hazardous to navigate, travel is only possible in the daytime.
Besides the problems set up by nature, the nature of the Grinshaw inhabitants does not warrant frequent travel either. Most of the villages and hamlets make their profit from piracy and other crimes. One can probably understand why these people do not visit other villages very often.

Geological situation

The island has been formed on the remains of a group of formerly very active volcano's. These volcano's died out many thousand years ago and for over five hundred years no major earthquake has shaken the island.
Still nature shows the scars of this history. Most mountains are of the very steep kind. Many of the bays of the island are very deep, some immeasurably deep. On the other hand, in some of the bays, sharp peaks hover just above or just below the surface, threatening any ship that would be foolish enough to sail over them. Due to this, navigating the bays is a very treacherous thing to do.
On the other hand, roads have been abandoned as well as means of transport. Major earthquakes may be a thing of the past, but still small earthquakes and spontaneous landslides do regularly destroy anything resembling a road.

Political situation

Grinshaw has no representation on Mercantie, as there is no body that rules the island. All the villages, hamlets and small city's have pretty much their own laws and their own for of government. Often the most important pirate of the village is also the major.
Often the most important captain of the village also has the biggest ship, with the biggest guns.....

Crime and Justice

In most villages, hamlets and city's the law is enforced by the major and since most major's are also captains, most justice is handled as justice would be handled on a ship. With harsh punishment. On the other hand, like mentioned before, Grinshaw is a home to many pirates and other scum of the seas, which might give you an idea as to how the "law" is enforced.

Two villages near the eastern edge of the island have a much more normal justice system. The criminals that are captured there, are taken to Hindlock for trail. These two villages have recently been captured by the forces of Prince DuSoleil.


Most of the city's and villages have more then their fair share of inn's and tavern's, thus it is easily seen that most villages simply are not quiet enough for wizards to study there. One may meet the occasional sorcerer, but they do get in trouble quickly with often many people being drunk already early in the afternoon.
In general not many users of magic want to be seen on Grinshaw. Not that magic is illegal, but most magic users are, how shall we say? Not strong enough to remain standing in these often rough environments.

Revered gods

With so many sea-going people on such a small island, it is obvious that the most popular god is Poseidon. He is also revered as god of the last journey, since most people die at sea and are then given to Poseidon.
Not many of Poseidon's clerics like to live on the island. Story's are told about cleric's of Poseidon who have been kidnapped, to serve on the island of Grinshaw.

Main population

Humans and renegade dwarves form the main population of Grinshaw, although the occasional Orc or Half-Orc has found a place to live as well. This does not mean that half-lings, half-elves, gnomes and most of the other humanoid races have not found their way to Grinshaw, although the number of elves living here is surprisingly low.
It is rumoured that some elves live in Trignar, one of the smaller hamlets nearly in the middle of the island. However it just might be that, a rumour.


All prices on Grinshaw are at least double standard, as no respectable nation is willing to trade with Grinshaw. All goods that have to go to the island are either stolen or smuggled there.
The villages of Briknar and Toldar are exceptions. Here prices are only around a quarter higher as normal. These villages have been overrun by the forces of Prince DuSoleil and so they can trade with Hindlock. Still the prince has set taxation to 25%, so that is why the prices are higher. Currently there are negotiations about a tax-deal between the Hindlock and the villages. Once the tax-agreement is in place, taxes will be lowered to 10%, but the pirates will be taxed over their loot.

Map of the islands

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