The Free city of Hamlock

Some of the information in this document is game-rule information. Such information has been formatted like this text.

The history of this city goes back hundreds of years, but it is not for very long that the city has gained significant influence. For a long time, the city of Hamlock was just a tiny fisher's hamlet with about thirty fishing boats that where no more then rowboats and four fishing vessels capable of sailing around the island.
It was only when a group of adventurers settled in the hamlet and started building a keep on the cliff northeast of the hamlet that things started to change. The keep attracted bandits at first, but the adventuring party quickly made clear that they liked to hold on to their stuff and so after a while instead of bandits, friends and visitors came to call on them. After a couple of years folk started to move to Hamlock as it prospered and proved a safe place, where no bandit would show his face.
The time of the adventurers has long since passed, but the hamlet kept growing and growing until one day, it became bigger as the Quinterasse, the capital of the island Hindlock. The rulers of Hindlock tried to stop the growth of the city by heavy taxation, but the city of Hamlock rebelled and now is a free city.
Here you will find the history of the city, some information on it's economy and many another fact that may once save your life when you travel there.

What can you find in this document? Let us first present a general list, to quickly help you decide what to read:
The districts
Important places
Economical factors
People of Power

On a more general note, it might be appropriate to state here some strange things about Hamlock. Two hundred and sixty years ago, after the revolt, when finally the peace was signed with the rest of Hindlock, Hamlock became rather a small city state. This means that most of the nobles and other citizens that also have a piece of land outside of Hamlock, often find this estate not on the soil of Hamlock, but on the lands of Hindlock. Now Hindlock itself has a king, Prince Vincente DuSoleil, who still holds a grudge over losing Hamlock. Unless the owner of the land regularly visits the kings courts and does so already before he gets hold of the land, there is a fair chance that some of the laws passed in Quinterasse are, well.... less favorable.
The people involved nearly all are part of what the men in the street refer to as 'The Richman's Guild'. The real name of this group of people is 'Adagium Protectum' and the main purpose of the group is the upkeep of 'The Silver Scales', A hotel like place, where the members can stay the nights they spend in Quinterasse. Depending on the fee the members pay, they will have the right to spend at least a minimum number of nights at 'The Silver Scales'.

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The districts of Hamlock

The quarters of Hamlock may be as different as the villages found on the road. Traveling from one area to another you will not worry about taxes, but you might want to worry about your purse.

The Old Town

The name says it all. The Old Town is the part of the city, where it all started. The houses there are priced very high, as the ground is sought for to build warehouses and inns close to the docks. Not long ago, a law has been passed that prohibits one to buy property, save for building warehouses or inns. The only people that may inherit property in this area of town, are the ones that can prove lineage to the original inhabitants of Hamlock.
The Old Town is now a grim part of the city, where most people tend to mind their own business and about five out of every ten men, is still a fisher although many have shifted their business to the new docks.
Spending limit: 200 gp
Price level: 10% below average Strangers pay more.
Available goods: Fish and fishery equipment mainly.

The Old Keep

Originally build by a group of adventurers, the keep is more like an expensive mansion with heavy walls. It has fallen to ruin and is currently being rebuild by a new group of adventurers. The reason no merchant sets foot there is the rumor of some haunting ghosts and a law passed by the Legistavor about two hundred years ago, which forbids the keep to be held by anybody that has not slain a waterdragon. It is not allowed to have the waterdragon slain by someone to be able to claim the keep.
Spending limit: unlimited
Price level: double average.
Available goods: What the adventurers of the keep are willing to part with.


Tinderford is one of the newest quarters of Hamlock. It is inhabited by a group of half-orc's with a strong human lineage. They have been thrown of their lands by Prince Vincente DuSoleil and now are pretty hostile to any person they do not know.
The housing in this neighborhood is still pretty poor, but some newer buildings are slowly starting to rise.
Tinderford was build very close to the assembly zone for caravans and so the main branch of business here is tending horses and other animals that may accompany trading caravans.
Spending limit: 50 gp
Price level: triple standard.
Available goods: Nothing (?) Stabling services are at normal rate.


At the northern edge of Hamlock, a quarter has been growing in the past thirty years. Breaking the ground here is not easy and so it is no surprise that only the rich can afford to build there houses here. Most of the houses here have gardens and many even have a wall surrounding the estate. In this quarter the biggest house belongs to Mister Meridoc, it is so big, that there even is a decently sized separate guesthouse and a separate dormitory for his staff.
Not many a shop is found here, as most of the people here do not do their own shopping. Besides, the ground is too expensive. Craftsmen and craftswomen who sell their wares here, often make house calls instead of having their customers come over to their own little shop.
Spending limit: 10.000 gp
Price level: double to triple standard except for masterwork, which costs roughly 125% of normal Everything is ornate with jewels, gems or precious metals.
Available goods: Anything, but only upon request.

Finestary Park

A park in the middle of town and little or no people seem to want to have plans for development. Of course this area is not what it seems. It is closely guarded by a group of gnomes who have made their burrows in this park. Many charms and turning paths lead most out of the park quicker as they thought about entering it. Only the sharp-eyed will find traces of the burrows of the gnomes here. (A will save DC 15 is required every half hour to only stay in the park. Finding a place without guidance requires a will save of DC 20, provided you have been there before.)
Contacting the gnomes for commercial ends is rather simple, either go to the bar at the western end of the park, or the small square at the southern gates of the park. The latter option is most practical for those who think the scale of the gnomish bar called "The quicksilver star" is a just a little crammed for humans and others of that height.
Rumors state that in the park there lives a dragon as well. Now we have our doubts, but we did hear some strange sounds coming from the park that sounded like one.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: 110% of standard
Available goods: Any special items with gnomish knick-knack's.

Sorlington Village

Fishers that have been forced to move from the old town, have found new homes in this area. Also many a sailor that has settled in Hamlock finds a home in this area. Many small houses are grouped together here, often in pour states of repair.
Spending limit: 200 gp
Price level: 90% of standard
Available goods: Fish, anything a sailor might need, many a small tavern or bar. No lodging.


The less fortunate dwarves have set up their business here. In these parts of town you will find armor makers, blacksmiths, toolmakers, weapon shops and the like. Their quality is decent, but not top notch. Finding true masterwork in this end of town would be a masterwork adventure itself.
Spending limit: 1.500 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Weapons, armor and other goods made of iron.

Stonesharp Haven

Most of the wealthier dwarves have found a home in Stonesharp Haven. Here you will find many that work gems or precious metals. Furthermore, the very good armor makers, weapon makers and toolmakers are moving from Bidlingford to Stonesharp Haven.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: 110% of standard
Available goods: Any jewelry, weapons, armor and masterwork metal items.

Visitors Mine

Around the market square, closely guarded by the guardsman house, you will find the Visitors mine as it is often referred to. This area of Hamlock houses many taverns, inn's and other places that visitors from out of town, like to frequent. Most of the taverns are not very appealing according to the locals although some of the richer inhabitants of Hamlock sometimes pass some time here.
Most of the taverns and inn's have fairly strong owners or are member of the 'bouncing service'. A small group of former adventurers, who are quick to dispose of trouble makers.
Spending limit: 3.000 gp
Price level: standard to quadruple standard.
Available goods: Meals, ale, lodging and the like.

Pinnacle Park

Just like Finestary Park, there is more to this park as meets the eye at first glance. If you take the time to take a careful peak at this park, you will notice that among the grass, there are small windows and if you walk around the low hills, you will see various round doors.
The halflings that have found their fortune in Hamlock have made their homes in this park.
Close to the park there is many a nice restaurant. Most of these restaurants are owned by the halflings in Pinnacle Park, but one is never sure if a particular restaurant will open or open on time. The halflings tend to favor leisure over hard work.
Spending limit: 500 gp per person The restaurants around the park. In the park there are no shops
Price level: 110% of standard
Available goods: Food and drink

Pinnacle Square

This area of town shows you small houses, which is no surprise as a lot of halflings live here. They are the halflings that are still on the road to getting rich, or the ones that have been there. The really rich ones are found in Pinnacle Park.
Like in Pinnacle Park, most halflings here work in a restaurant, or own one. But the owned restaurants, are the shabbier variety.
Spending limit: 100 gp
Price level: 90% of standard
Available goods: Food and drink

Toglar Shelf

A little above the rest of the town, lies Toglar Shelf. This part of town used to be one of the best parts of town, but since constructions have begun in Belledemere, this part has gone down hill. Still it is one of the better parts of town, where the well to do people have found a place to live.
There are just a few shops in this part of town, most people ask craftspeople to pay them a visit.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: double standard, with masterwork items at 110% of standard.
Available goods: Almost everything, but much only on request.


A small forest oasis of peace. Some small houses are build here among the tall trees. The Druids that tend the sacred grove of the standing stone find their home here.
Most druids do not stay here for a very long time, but inhabit one of the small houses for a couple of weeks or months. After that they pass the care of the house and the grove to one of their fellows.
Occasionally, a ranger may find a place to stay here, but that is not very often or likely.
Spending limit: 10 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: None

Along the road

One of the newer quarters, where you will find many a shop. However the shopkeepers sometimes seem to change faster then you can blink your eyes. If today a shop is open, then chances are that tomorrow it is gone, or closed or just burned down.
Many open places are left in this area. Not all of them have always been open, many are the result of demolitions or worse.
Spending limit: 2.000 gp
Price level: Standard (Masterwork at 95%)
Available goods: Almost anything none masterwork
Finding the correct shop requires a gather information check DC 5, finding a shop that has a masterwork item you are looking for, requires a gather information check DC 25.)


One of the older quarters. This used to be a real uptown district and some of the freestanding estates still remind us of this time. However the area is now a very common area, where average people live.
Close to Buldary road you will find the cheaper houses and a occasional beggar spending the night in the gutter.
Spending limit: 1.500 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Almost anything none masterwork


One of the districts where most people do not like to go. Real cheap houses mix with barracks here. Most houses seem ready to be torn down. Some of the houses have been nailed shut, but most of the times some back door has been broken down.
A smart person would not venture into this area of town if the sun is down. Most city guards seem to be smart people.
Spending limit: 100 gp
Price level: Standard or below standard.
Available goods: Very basic goods, no more expensive then say 2 gold pieces


Although Borlacon was designed to be a uptown area, the plans never worked out. Borlacon is a district where the normal people now live, pretty much like Pilderbonr
Spending limit: 1.500 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Almost anything none masterwork


The district is named after the spire that used to stand in this area. That at least is the story, however Sildar Turnapage has done some research for us and has stressed that never there was a building over three story's in this district.
The number of cloaked people in this area of town is stunning and we have seen many a shop that sold items and goods we could not quickly identify. We assume that many shops would be able to sell you magical ingredients, but it is hard to win the trust of the shopkeepers here.
Spending limit: 10.000 gp
Price level: quadruple standard for standard items. Magical components and items are at standard prices.
Available goods: Basic standard items (max 10 gp), unless you meet the right person who is willing to sell you magical items or components.
Please realize that only really standard magical items are kept on stock. (Scrolls and potions with a price of less then 300 gp.)


People that have lived along the paths of adventure and settled down before they became extremely rich have found a home here. Many have started bars, inns and taverns where they can tell their wild story's that seem to grow more inaccurate every evening.
Most of the district is reasonable uptown, though there are only a few free standing houses and none of them seem to house a serious number of servants.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Standard items, plus used weapons and armor. Simple and Martial weapons are readily available in masterwork quality, but used as well.

Wastilong of the East

Downtown Wastilong, you will find more of the darker bars and inns. The thieves guild is said to have it's home here, but for all we know, the headquarters is somewhere else.
Spending limit: 1.000 gp
Price level: 125% Standard or more
Available goods: Anything. Illegal goods like poison are readily available.
Some of the shopkeepers will be all to eager to sell poison to a stranger, but beware that he does not tell the guards.

Wastilong of the West

Next to the eastern part of Wastilong, you will find the western part. The western part is considered to be a better area as the eastern one and it must be said that the houses here are standing a little further apart and are slightly larger.
The best known shop in this part of town, must be "the reality wrinkle", where it is said you can buy spell books and the like.
As far as we can tell, the guild house of the thief's guild is located in this part of town.
Spending limit: 750 gp (Except for the mentioned shop)
Price level: 110% of standard or more
Available goods: Any common items.


A small district, where some of the dwarves have settled that are more then happy to think along lines not parallel to the law.
Spending limit: 1.250 gp
Price level: double standard
Available goods: Trust determines the available goods

South End

Once the southern corner of the town of Hamlock, now but a shady neighborhood. To the west high mountains rise, making sure that about half of the day, the quarter is a shady place to travel.
The district was set up for the servants of Toglar Shelf to live, but since that area now boasts few houses that have servants, the South End has been taken over by less then likable folk.
Spending limit: Depending on trust
Price level: Depending on trust
Available goods: Depending on trust

Dark Lands

Despite its name, the Dark Lands are not that bad a neighborhood. Many shops and small businesses make sure that criminals and the like do not feel very comfortable in this area of town. When you travel to the south of this area, you will see that shops are replaced with inns and taverns.
The area gets its name from the fact that just like South End, the sun does not rise before noon, since the high mountains to the west block the sun until around that time.
Spending limit: 750 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Common items, food drink. It is illegal to trade weapons and armor in this part of town.


About two hundred years ago, a man named Xalandar bought this entire district. He started to demolish the houses, to make space for his estate. Soon after the first houses where destroyed, problems arose and many questions where asked about the money, where it came from and if it was real gold.
Xalandar was discovered to be a illusionist, who had betrayed many with his fools gold. However the demolishing had started and so wide open areas where available. The people who had owned the houses did not have the money to rebuild and so some of the richer people decided to build their house in this area. Many wealthy estates are now placed in this area.
Some of the people did in fact remain there and so that is why in this wealthy area, you still find the occasional shop or inn.
Spending limit: 7.500 gp
Price level: standard to Triple standard, masterwork at 120% of standard.
Available goods: Anything legal, but usually inlaid with gems or precious metals.

Scarlet Town

When houses where build in the sacred druid grove of the standing stone, a terrible storm raged across Hamlock. During this event, lightning struck all houses in the grove, setting them on fire. Even though the rain was pouring down like crazy, also the houses that had been build here, all burned down. Hence the name that was given to this area.
To remember this horrible event, the houses are painted red with yellow shutters for the windows. For reasons unclear to many, it seems fashionable to live in this area and so slowly the inhabitants are changing to younger folk with quite a bit of money.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: Double standard
Available goods: Jewels, clothes and other fashionables


A normal neighborhood, save for the fact that humans, dwarves, gnomes and halflings all mingle in this area.
Spending limit: 2.000 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Any common items.

The Dell

A wall encloses the entire Dell and since many trees crop up over the wall, most people think there is a single estate to be found here. The truth is slightly different.
Most people will never enter the Dell as both of the gates are heavily guarded and the walls are rather high. However this is just another district of town, but the only one where elves find a home.
The elves are not very fond of visitors and so the biggest problem for trade is simply getting into the community. Once you enter, life is a lot easier, as the elves are very friendly people.
Most of the elves here ended up living in a human town, not because they felt it was a good idea at the time, but because they were driven of their own lands. They just sort of stuck there and most of them intend to travel further.
Spending limit: 5.000 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: None?

The Sink

High walls stand around rather small estates. The Sink is a place where many houses are abandoned much of the time. Travelers who like to have a pied-a-tere in Hamlock often build or buy those in this district.
Some of the houses are left nearly unguarded, while others are kept by a couple of servants. It is said that some wizards have an abode in this part of town.
Spending limit: 500 gp
Price level: 150% of standard
Available goods: Not much.

North Spur and East Gate

Two small districts in the eastern parts of Hamlock. It is said that the best healers live here, but we have our doubts. We would rather call on the priests of the temples. On the other hand, those are not always willing to help everybody.
Spending limit: 750 gp
Price level: Standard
Available goods: Healing potions and common items

Stickly Park

No person understands why this district is called stickly park, as there are no trees or bushes here. All buildings are cluttered together very closely and after nightfall, few guards will be seen in the streets.
Some local inns and tavers are to be found here and the freelance caravan personal often finds their nightrest in this part of town. It is said that not all of them wake up the following morning, but lodging is rather cheap here.
Spending limit: 200 gp per person per night
Price level: 80% of standard
Available goods: Food, drink, lodging.

Masterwork items are at normal price level, unless specifically noted otherwise. If the spending limit is below 1.000 gp, do not expect to find masterwork items at all.

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Important buildings and places

There is many a remarkable building in Hamlock. The information here will not tell you about all of them, just the ones marked on the map.
It is often a good idea to first think, before entering one of these, or perhaps sometimes you will find that you are forced to enter these.

The Lighthouse

A little northwest of The Old Keep, stands a tall tower, called the lighthouse. During daylight hours, this tower is used to signal ships with banners. Typical messages include the tides and how many ships are leaving and or entering the port. The reason for this is that the entrance to Hamlock is rather narrow for the trade ships that come in these days.
During the night a fire is kept alight, showing the location of the cliffs and helping to steer incoming traders to the anchor place outside of the Hamlock Fjord.
Another message that sometimes flies from the lighthouse is: "guide wanted", which indicates that a ship not native to the Hamlock port is coming for call. These ships tend to want a local captain to steer the ship into the harbor as the passage is hard to navigate.
For obvious reasons, the lighthouse is of limits for everybody that has no business there. At least two guards will guard the tower at all times.

The Guardsmen House

One hundred fifty years ago, the Sacred Seal of Troin was robbed and since the Seal threatened to leave Hamlock, quickly a force of soldiers was build up to protect the city from havoc by bandits. The city guard has grown and grown and now the soldiers live in one of the biggest buildings in town, right next to The Old Town. The building doubles as training center, courthouse and jail as well.
Prisoners are typically required to sweep the training grounds and serve as sparring partners for the training soldiers.

Town Square

The town square is way too small to hold all the people of Hamlock these days and now it only serves a purpose in ceremonies of a political nature. For instance if a leader from another free city or a island arrives, it is on this square that they will be received.
Furthermore the square is used to assemble private caravans of the rich or noble inhabitants that will travel to Quinterasse to deal with prince Vicente DuSoleil.
Markets are not organized here, as the square is too small, but sometimes the square is used for specialized markets, like for instance the yearly sword market and the festival of the black Onyx.

Market Grounds

Just south of the city, you will find the market grounds. Once upon a time these grounds where only used on the traditional trading day of Sou-Oct, however in recent years even the traditional day of worshiping is no longer sacred and so each and every day you will find people trading and bartering here.
It is on these grounds that the farmers come to sell there wares to the villagers, but it is also here that the merchants from Quinterasse and from the vessels in the harbor come to sell and buy what they need or need to get rid of.
However since Hamlock also has many merchants that have set up shop in the city itself, many of the more expensive items or goods will not be traded here, but either in the city or at the local tavern, which is located in the south west corner of the grounds.

The Standing Stone Grove

Sometimes this area is referred to as the red grounds. Before Hamlock started to grow, druids gathered here very often and they erected the standing stone. However as you know, Hamlock started to grow and so slowly, but surely the city crept closer to the grove. Needless to say that the druids did not feel very comfortable about this and they warned the citizens not to build there houses any closer.
Building did not stop, until one day a violent storm raged and lightning struck the city several times. The All houses that where close to the standing stone where touched by lightning or set on fire by the blaze that followed.
Ever since that time, the grove has been left as it is. The druids removed the remains of the houses and planted oaks in their stead. After this, the druids left to settle in a far away place. The original group of druids is said to have left Hindlock all together. However after this group, other druids have settled in the area and maintain the grove on a as needed basis.
It is said that when Bular is full, they hold a service there, but most people tend not to come close to the grove.

The Barns & Warehouses

In various places there are just warehouses or barns. In the districts where you find warehouses, mostly the goods that come in or leave Hamlock by ship are stored. In the barns, much of the food that is produced around Hamlock, is stored, before being distributed to the various shops, inns and restaurants.

Stardust Library

A small library can be found in The Guardsmen House. There you can find all kind of important documents that have to do with the free city of Hamlock.
If you need less important or otherwise obscure information, or would like to learn about magic, other islands and all kinds of other stuff, that is when you visit the Stardust Library. No one seems to remember why the library was called such and even Sildar Turnapage claims he does not know.
For some people, the most important reason to visit the library is just to get into contact wih Sildar Turnapage.
Notice that keeping up a library is a expensive endevour, so there is a charge for entering the library, which also depends on what information you are looking for.

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Historical Treatise on Hamlock

Hamlock was founded over two thousand years ago. Then it was but a quiet fisher village that was mostly ignored by the servants of the King. The village was so small, that taxing it, was more expensive as the profits would allow and so only during the worst of wars, did the kings men ever come to tax the population and recruit soldiers. Research in Quinterasse shows that this has happened only three times.
In the year 5024 a group of adventurers found Hamlock and decided that this would be a nice place to settle. Far away from the intrigue of the kings courts and the other troubles that bother a adventurer. For them, money was not an issue and so they build a keep on the cliffs overlooking Hamlock. The transport of goods, the newly recruited workers and the mountains of gold which where rumored to be hidden below the keep soon started to attract bandits. However being adventurers of many seasons, the new lords of the keep did not take kindly to these attacks.
A peaceful time came for Hamlock, as visitors and old friends started to call on the keep. Some of them came to the village for supplies and the keep also was in steady need of food, drink and other supplies and so business started to flourish in Hamlock. The prices where kept at a reasonable level, as the keep provided safety from the bandits in the mountains. Some of the people that lived a little of the village, started to move closer to the safety of the village and so the hamlet grew to a village.
One day a terrible storm was wreaking havoc on the ships sailing close to the island and since the inhabitants of the keep wanted one ship to arrive, they asked the fishers to guide this ship to safety. Five others followed, of which only one sank in the very tight approach to the Hamlock bay. One ship had express cargo for the capital of Quinterasse and so a caravan was organized to get the goods to the capital.
Soon the harbor of Hamlock was known as a very safe place to stay thru a storm and since the ships where there anyway, they started to take on supplies. After supplying the ships, trade between shore and ships became more extensive and the first docks where build.
With heavy shipping came more commerce and soon Hamlock started to grow with the speed of light. People who had left the village and came back only two years later, would find that entire new quarters had been build, or indeed their own quarter had been torn down and a whole new set of buildings had been erected.

Once ships started not to call on the harbor of Quinterasse, but instead started to travel to Hamlock, it came as no surprise that the king of Hindlock was not very pleased. He first ordered the ships to sail to Quinterasse instead, but since that did not work, he tried forcing Hamlock to its knee's by heavy taxation. The town however had grown considerably and so the tax officers that came for money where kindly informed to go back to the king and tell him that Hamlock was a free city.
In a desperate attempt, the king formed a army and rode to Hamlock, but the population of Hamlock turned out to great them. The king saw his army was no more then a quarter of Hamlock and returned.
Hard negotiations followed, but in the end, Hamlock and a portion of land around the city where declared independent.
As the city grew and grew, currently Hamlock can not grow much further and all the people that want to have plenty of room around their house or want to invest in property outside the village, have to do so on the grounds of Hindlock, so on grounds controlled by the King. These lands are subject to change in Tax regime and so the owners do regularly visit the king.

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Economical information

One day, all that drove the economy of Hamlock was fishing and nothing else. These days, the old fishing docks have almost been abandoned and the fishers have moved to a new wharf, as the old docks became too confined between the open trading docks and the docks owned by Shardon Meridoc.
Since trade has started to flow strongly in Hamlock, many new quarters where added and many a craftsmen joined the guilds. Even craftsman that seemed to have no future, because their raw materials are not common on Hindlock, or because their wares are not sought for on Hindlock have settled here, as the trade routes give ample opportunity to sell their products or purchase the supply they need.
Two particularly strong branches in Hamlock are transport, either by boat, but also by caravan to other parts of Hindlock. Since the port of Hamlock is growing small for all the ships, the port of Quinterasse is now also used and many caravans travel between these two cities's. The second strongest branch of business must be the warehouses. An important name here is Castilian Brandybuck, who seems to own over ten of these.

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Faiths and Churches of the city

Hamlock used to be a village made up of fishers and to this day, in the old town, there still is a small temple, housing no more then sixty congregation members at a time, dedicated to Poseidon. However few followers he may have among the citizens in Hamlock, still this is a wealthy parish that houses at least five clerics. Currently the lead cleric is Gerdinald Hasdron. The reason why the congregation is a rich one, is all the trading vessels that often visit Hamlock. Upon leaving they usually pay a handsome fee to this church to ask for a safe voyage.

Hermes has set up a small, but wealthy congregation as well. All who wish to join the traders guild, must also become a member of this congregation. However the priests of Hermes have a easy life, as most of the members of the trading guild follow other gods as well and so hardly ever visit the temple.

Next to the Guardsman's house, there is a small shrine of Irtolie. It is sort of sad to see how this small shrine compares to the huge temples of some of the other gods.

Among the newly rich, Dionysus finds a growing number of followers. Especially the second and third generation of merchants, the ones that did not have to work very hard to earn their fortune, seem to be eager to join this congregation. Dionysus's temple looks more like a exclusive tavern as like a temple, but the location on the brink of the hillside is well chosen and in the midst of the new uptown area. Currently only two clerics tend to the needs of this congregation, but they do have five barkeepers and some say that also quite a number of lady's-of-the-night are employed by this temple.

The dwarven population is a divided lot, as it comes to which god they should revere, however there is one temple only where they go and depending on the mood of the dwarven population of Hamlock, the four clerics here will be clerics that follow Moradin or Hephaestus. Currently there are three clerics of Hephaestus and one of Moradin, but the congregation is said to be negotiating the arrival of a second cleric of Moradin.

The last god of the living that is worth mentioning is Athena. Her church finds many followers among merchants, craftsman and politicians alike. Her clerics exercise little direct power, but since many influential people are member of this church, the indirect influence is very high. Her clerics are always given high esteem and seem to be able to open any door in the city.

Although not many people visit the temple of Wee Jas every day, still her congregation is the strongest and biggest of them all. No person in his right mind, would like to take his last trip, if not by passing thru the temple of Wee Jas. To our amazement, the other three gods of the dead, are (nearly) not revered at all. This temple is located a little south-east of the villages, but it is hard to miss.

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Guilds and Organizations

Hamlock is the home of many guilds. Some of the guilds wield political power, while others are just there to make sure that only quality craftsman and women settle in Hamlock. Again others are no more then a excuse to have a place where people can come together as a social event.
It would be a waste of time to give a full listing of all the available guilds and we would surely not be able to give you a complete listing and description here. Let's just focus on the important ones that could be encountered in day-to-day lives.

Traders Guild

All who make their living by buying and selling goods and who trade for a value of over one hundred gold pieces a month are kindly requested to join the traders guild. Of course there is a exception for craftsman and women who have already joined another guild. The traders guild is not a very influential guild as such, but the members are often very rich merchants and so it is not a wise decision to turn down the question to become a member of the guild.

The Dwarven Slammer

Some people might think that the name refers to a jail, however The Dwarven Slammer is no jail, it is a combined guild for a couple of different crafts which are mainly conducted by dwarven craftsmen these days. Ever since some dwarves from Knis and other islands have landed in Hamlock, most of the smiting business has gone into their hands. Some humans still work the forges, but their numbers are dwindling. Still these humans tend to be a member of the Dwarven Slammer as well.
The main purpose of the Dwarven Slammer is to provide a decent level of quality and so they have struck up deals with the other guilds that no member of any guild in Hamlock shall trade with a smith that is not a member of the Dwarven Slammer. Besides this, the Slammer also acts as a meeting place for the dwarven community. As far as we can tell, the Slammer does not have any political influence and does not seek that power either.

the Sacred Seal of Troin

As in many other trading ports and major city's, the Sacred Seal of Troin has a base of operation in Hamlock as well. To be correct, they have two offices in Hamlock, which is rare indeed. Besides the offices in Hamlock, it is practical to note that there also is a office in Quinterasse, even though the business there used to be so slow, that they wanted to leave. However, for a significant sum, paid by the father of Prince Vincente DuSoleil, they decided to stay. Still it is said that business is too slow, but Prince Vicente DuSoleil has now promised them a position where they will not pay any taxes anymore.
Often the Seal will have to send money from one place to another. On Hindlock this kind of transport has all been granted to the company of Mister Gamwise. Such transport to other places of Teolin is often conducted by groups of mercenary's.

The Thieves Guild

Remarkably enough it is, that a city has a organization of criminals, assassins and other riffraff that simply calls it self 'The Thieves Guild'. Currently it is said that the guild is not very active as the man running the show, Buford Longfinger, is currently in jail. His contacts with the outside world are carefully monitored, so the guild now leads a dwindling half-life.
Rumors in the street say that Buford was only a decoy and that the real leader of the guild is called Annouk. However nobody seems to know if this woman actually lives in Hamlock, or indeed ever visited Hamlock. Some rumors indeed point us to believe that this Annouk was a former companion of us, however this may also be just gossip.

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People in important places

It would be impossible to list all the people in Hamlock that you might have to meet to get something done. However there are some people that are so influential, that it is a good idea to meet them or at least know about them. Some people might read this section like a list of people to steer clear of.

Shardon Meridoc

Mister Meridoc made a small fortune sailing The Lady Quint from Hamlock to the free city of Tingerslom, while the city was under siege by rebel dwarf forces. With the supplies of The Lady Quint, the siege was broken and Meridoc now holds the monopoly on trade between the two cities's. The profits made it possible to expand his business, so he now owns his own docks in Hamlock and Tingerslom. He is not liked very much there, so he spends all of his days in Hamlock. It is said that the population of Tingerslom is going to try and declare mister Meridoc a unwanted person and so it is no more then logical that trade between the two cities's is currently at a all time low.
Mister Meridoc has build himself a house along Portobello road, in the quarter of Belledemere.

Castilian Brandybuck

With the huge amounts of goods coming into Hamlock and going out, it is no surprise that someone had the idea to simply provide storage room. Mister Brandybuck has invested heavily in warehouses. He does not trade as such, but since he owns ten warehouses and controls the others to a more or lesser extent, trading is nearly impossible without his consent. After all, what are you going to do? Leave your grain out in the cold, where it can be stolen or spoiled?
A better option is to store it in one of the warehouses, but if you do not want to work with mister Brandybuck, that will be a hard bargain.
Mister Brandybuck has build himself a house in The Old Town, just before a law was passed that made this impossible. Some say that mister Brandybuck has delayed the law, but that can not be proved.

Taknor Gamwise

Some say that mister Gamwise is a sturdy fellow, though his employees say he is the first to run in a crisis. What ever may be the truth will be hard to figure out, but Taknor Gamwise has made a fortune sending back and forth caravans from Hamlock to Quinterasse. He is always looking for strong, but cheap people to protect his caravans as it is common knowledge that if you want to ship something valuable, you have to be at Gamwise's.
Mister Gamwise is living in the house that has been build closest to the Keep and it is said that he has tried to bribe a couple of people to say that he killed a waterdragon, so he could buy the keep for one gold-piece and fix himself up as cheap as possible.

Sildar Turnapage

The city scribe, master librarian and Hamlock historian. His influence in the city is but very small. On the other hand, some people will be able to find information in his possession that others would not find if they searched for months on end. For those that can befriend this man, many a old tome can be dug up from far corners and hidden niches in the library.
If you want to buy property, it would be a good idea to first call on the library as well. After all, here the city maps are kept and so here you might find that the property you are about to buy does not belong to the person claiming to be the owner or the property might not even be in the free city of Hamlock, but on the grounds of Hindlock itself.

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Political situation

Officially Hamlock is a democratic society, where all residents are allowed to vote. However in day-to-day life, all is different. First of all, only women who are member of a guild are allowed to vote in the Legistavor. (The council of Hamlock, that appoints the major, the majors council and the representative of Hamlock on Mercantie.) The Legistavor meets on every second Devo-Priem of the month, but can also be called if urgent matters arise.
Traditionally the clerics of Poseidon have always had the right to speak to the Legistavor, but the priests of Wee Jas have challenged this right. For now the Legistavor has solved this problem by allowing both churches to speak their mind and allow both to have a ten-vote block in the Legistavor. This seems little, as there are over six hundred members of the Legistavor. However on a typical meeting, there may be no more then thirty members present. A meeting is not allowed to make decisions if less then six women are present.

The current major of Hamlock, Darok Strongfoot, a halfling, is looking into possibilities of forcing all the guilds to send at least four representatives to every meeting, but to reduce the number of meetings to one every two or three months.

On the other hand, money corrupts power, or perhaps money simply is power and so the people who rule the city are not considered to be part of the five most influential people of Hamlock.

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A map of the city

It has taken some time and money to be able to create this map of Hamlock. It is rather a rough picture, but it can give you the general idea of the lay-out of the city.
Placing it on the page seemed like a bad idea, so download it here.

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