A brief look at history

From the very fabric that makes up space and time, a piece was torn of hundreds or may be even thousands of years ago. As time passed, nobody seemed to notice and nobody seemed to care, until one day, some people lead by Ylorea rediscovered this wonderful place. The journey she and her fellow travelers made, have lead to large amounts of knowledge. That knowledge in turn has been compiled into the information on this website.
While reading the information here, please keep in mind that traveling to Teolin and bringing back al that knowledge is not always a easy task, while grasping the strange wonders and pondering on what we have seen and experienced takes time as well. This leads to the fact that this site contains a lot of material that is under construction, not available or sometimes even not quite accurate. If ever you take the trouble of traveling back to this place, you may find that much has changed. Great plans have been made to this end, but also our exploration needs to take some of our time. Therefore it is also possible that you return here and find nothing new has been added. We hope this does not deter you……

What is the current focus in development?
  • Publishing excerpts of "The Gazette of Teolin" For unknown reasons it seems our contact on Mercantie has very little time to provide us with more news.
  • Getting descriptions of the Islands and City's on this site.
  • In the books section extend the preview rating and publish more reviews.
  • Explain to ravel that providing the artwork would be an important improvement for this site and his life.
  • Explain the webmaster that scanning the provided artwork would be an intresting idea as well.
  • Re-evaluate the links on the linkspage.

    is a world that fits straight into third edition
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    To fully understand this world, we suggest you should explore this internet site. There is a chance that some of your questions are answered, but we are sure some will not be answered as yet. There is of course a chance that the answers to your questions will be posted here, but it is just as likely that the only way to find your answers, is to go to Teolin yourself and find the answers there.
    While exploring Teolin, we think there is two important areas to go first. These are the sections about the history of Teolin, where you may learn about time before history was recorded. The second area you might want to go, is the section about the gods of Teolin. Notice that this presents rules that are different from the standard rules about divine magic.

    Supporting Ylorea's adventuring

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    The Teolin Setting
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