The Pantheon of Teolin

Back on earth, we never gave much attention to faith, gods and magic. Earth does not seem to be a fruitful place to spend time on such affairs. Teolin however has many people who follow Deities, Demigods and the like. We found that these gods tend to pay much more attention to the normal folk as we might ever have anticipated...
This has been the cause of many of our initial problems. Now we know what to expect. Read the information here and compare that with what you would learn from the books you have on the subject. We can assure you there are differences.

You will find that this page only gives you a full list of all the gods that we have been able to find information on so far. There is a possibility that there are more gods that people follow on Teolin, but we do have our doubts about that. The list here will at least give you a proper overview of the pantheon that is known in the central parts of Teolin.

The Pantheon of Teolin
Name Domains Rank Al. Favored Weapon Pan. Page
Akron Fire, Protection, Strength, War L NG Bastardsword T XX
Anubis Dead travel, Law, Magic, Repose L LN Mace P 140
Aphrodite Chaos, Charm, Good I CG Dagger O 103
Apollo Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Sun I CG Composite longbow O 105
Ares Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War I CE Spear O 107
Artemis Animal, Good, Plant, Sun I NG Short sword O 108
Athena Artifice, Community, Good, Knowledge, Law, War G LG Shortspear O 110
Dionysus Chaos, Destruction, Madness I CN Quarterstaff O 114
Garl Glittergold Good, Protection, Trickery G NG Battleaxe S 69
Goliath Dead travel, Law D LN None T XX
Hecate Creation, Evil, Knowledge, Magic I NE Dagger O 117
Heironeous Good, Law, War I LG Longsword S 72
Hephaestus Artifice, Community, Earth, Fire, Good I NG Warhammer O 119
Hera Community, Nobility, Protection, Trickery G N Light mace O 120
Hermes Chaos, Good, Luck, Travel, Trickery I CG Staff O 123
Hextor Destruction, Evil, Law, War I LE Flail S 75
Irtolie Law, Protection, Strength G LN Greatsword T XX
Isis Good, Magic, Protection, Water G NG Quarterstaff P 148
Moob-Dhane Chaos, Plants, Water I CN Flail T XX
Moradin Earth, Good, Law, Protection G LG Warhammer S 83
Nephthys Dead Travel, Chaos, Good, Protection, Repose I CG Mace P 149
Nerull Death, Evil, Trickery G NE Scythe S 84
Nike Law, Nobility, War D LN Light mace O 126
Obad-Hai Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water I N Quarterstaff S 86
Pan Animal, Chaos, Plant L CN Unarmed Strike O 127
Poseidon Chaos, Earth, Water G CN Trident O 129
Sobek Animal, Evil, Water D LE Shortspear P 155
Tyche Luck, Protection, Travel L N Short sword O 130
Wee Jas Death Travel, Death, Law, Magic I LN Dagger S 96
Yondalla Good, Law, Protection G LG Short sword S 97
Zeus Air, Chaos, Good, Nobility, Strength, Weather G CG Shortspear or Halfspear O 101
Targregon Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Trickery L NE Club or GreatClub T XX

What the columns mean
  • Rank Rank tells you how important a god is in the Pantheon. (page 25)
  • Al. Alignment
  • Pan. The Pantheon the god originally belongs to. P for Pharaonic, O for Olympian, S for Standard and T for Teolin specific Pantheon
  • Page The numbers here refer to the page in the Deities and Demigods handbook, where the description of the god starts. Check the Suggested books section.

    On Teolin, many do not choose their Deity by their racial nature or the classes they join. Much more often, people follow the gods that are predominantly revered on the island where they where born or raised.

    Suggested Deities by race
    Dwarf Hephaestus (NG), Moradin (LG)
    Elf Apollo (CG), Artemis (NG)
    Gnome Garl Glittergold (NG), Hermes (CG)
    Half-Orc Ares (CE)
    Halfling Tyche (N), Yondalla (LG)
    Half-Elf / Human By class or alignment

    Suggested Deities by class
    Bard Apollo (CG), Dionysus (CN) , Isis (NG), Obad-Hai (N)
    Barbarian Ares (CE), Obad-Hai (N), Pan (CN), Zeus (CG)
    Cleric Any by alignment. Clerics only follow gods of exactly their alignment.
    Druid Artemis (NG), Isis (NG), Obad-Hai (N), Pan (CN), Poseidon (CN)
    Fighter Ares (CE), Athena (LG), Heironeous (LG), Nike (LN)
    Monk Athena (LG), Heironeous (LG), Nike (LN), Sobek (LE)
    Paladin Athena (LG), Heironeous (LG)
    Ranger Apollo (CG), Artemis (NG), Athena (LG), Isis (NG), Obad-Hai (N), Sobek (LE), Zeus (CG)
    Rogue Dionysus (CN) , Hera (N), Hermes (CG), Tyche (N)
    Sorcerer Apollo (CG), Isis (NG)
    Wizard Apollo (CG), Isis (NG)

    Besides normal gods, a lot of people revere a special god as their preferred guardian for the last journey a person ever makes. The four gods we found to guide such journey's, Anubis, Goliath, Nephthys and Wee Jas are sometimes referred to simply as the gods of the dead.

    Before choosing your deity, you might consider having a look at the page where we tell you about the extra spell slots you get when you follow a deity. But also you should remember that there is a price for those spell slots, there is a fair chance your spells do not function the way you want them to work. This depends on your deity, your own alignment and your actions. So be careful in your actions and make sure you know about those "extra rules."
    Check out the holy magic in Teolin section and learn about your extra spell slots.

    n.b. Arcane magic users (Bards, Sorcerers en Wizards are not entitled to extra spell slots. The standard rules already assume a spell failure chance for those magic users.

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