Traveling these lands has lead us to believe that we don't know and can not possibly know everything about these lands there is to know.
We have found that much information is known about the other worlds that sometimes are rather similar, some times, they may be very different from this world. If you want to find tools to help you explore those worlds, or explore those worlds just like that, here you may find a starting point.

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We have placed our links in five arbitrary groups, which are identified here.
Non-Commercial sites
Players / Dungeon Masters / Player groups
Shops and Commercial

Non-Commercial sites


PCGen a character generator

TSR Archive


A Dutch D20 forum

Strolen's Citadel

Players / Dungeon Masters / Player groups

Dragon DM's Roleplaying site with information on a long running dragonlance campaign and two hunter campaings. (Hunter is a whitewolf RPG system.)

DucoSim Dutch gaming association
The Dutch gaming association, with links to all kind of gaming groups and local associations.

Travel to another D&D 3rd edition world.

The Great War


Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast


Green Ronin

Atlas Games

Fantasy Flight Games

Bastion Press

Kenzer & Company

Mongoose Publishing

Monte Cook
Monte Cook or Malhavoc Press, the company set up by one of the driving forces to develop 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Sword & Sorcery
The oldest and largest add-on developer

Shops and Commercial

C's Movies & Fantasy A shop with a very friendly shopkeeper located in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe, The World, The Galaxy.

Their site is NOT Netscape compliant and in Dutch.

Freetime Warior
Freetime Warrior

RPG now

RPG gateway by Effie Rover


Wizkids games
We use their mageknight figures to animate our battles.

The Dutch blindguide dog organization
We don't really need support in funding or anything. If you like the world of Teolin so much you would still like to donate money, donate it to a worthy cause, like for instance the "KNGF"

Franka Homepage
This is a site in Dutch as well.
Vicente Segrelles

Remote Control Internet!

The Teolin Setting
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