New Items and Magic Spells

During our travels we have encountered many strange items of which we found no knowledge in respected books or less respected books. Our library is still growing, but still the items mentioned here, where not located there, nor where the strange magical incantations that we have learned from strange wizards, old sorcerers and other sources.
Dust is thick in the library on Magloran and miles of books await in the library of Cilografon. Many things remain to be discovered, but here we will reveal what we learned so far.

These pages are divided into five distinct areas. One where all new weapons are described, both common and magical. One section where new armor, including shields is described. Again this section contains both magical and common types of armor and shields.
One area is dedicated to new spells we have discovered, while there also is a section that handles all kind of magical items that are not weapons or armor.
The last section is the page on magical items that do not fit in your pocket.

As our research progresses, we are confident that the information here will prove very valuable indeed.

The Teolin Setting
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