Some of the people of Teolin believe that Zeus is some sort of super god, that leads the pantheon. However as far as we have been able to discern, no super god exists in the pantheon of Teolin. Well, oke there may be some over deities, but they are not the ones to meddle with everyday life at all. As far as the claim that Zeus leads the known pantheon, these are false as well. Irtolie deserves the honor there. We do believe that Zeus is a important advisory god in for Irtolie, but so are the other greater Deities.
Zeus is admired strongly for his force in harnessing storms, but he is equally feared for the quality of creating them. Some compare him to a god called Wodan, but from contacts with actual gods, we are sure that Wodan does not exist. Storms are mostly caused by the anger of Zeus.

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  • Alignment: Chaotic-Good
  • Rank: Greater Deity
  • Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Nobility, Strength, Weather
  • Portfolio: Air, Fate, Nobility, Sky, Storms
  • Favored Weapon: Short spear or Half spear
  • Clerics Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Opposers: None

  • Zeus is mostly feared and admired for his connection to Stormy weather. Though his power over the weather is limited over large body's of water, his skills in having storms raging over land, is widely recognized.
    Many a follower believe that nothing happens without Zeus's consent, but this is clearly to much credit for this god. On the other hand he is responsible and the first god to call on when a mortal wants to rise into the realm of the gods.

    Holy grounds

    Being married to Hera, Zeus's temples are often found near her temples. If there is no temple for her, her followers do find shelter in his mighty temples.
    More often then not, Zeus's temples span multiple floors and there usually are pillars surrounding the entire building. One can say that the followers of Zeus tend to try to make his temples look grander then any other temple nearby.
    Though the followers of Zeus resent this, on the Island of Mercantie they have to revere Zeus in the temples of Irtolie. Among Zeus's Clerics, it is regarded as a demotion, to be send there.

    Attending services

    Clerics of Zeus take their fate very serious. Therefore they attend service at least once every week. However, Zeus only requires them to attend service once every four weeks. Punishment for not attending service every week is not done by Zeus, but by the fact that his followers will ask repugnance of such a cleric equaling at least 100 gold coins for every level for every week they did not attend service.
    Other divine magic users following Zeus stick to the once every four weeks rule, or come more often as they deem appropriate.
    Among other divine magic users, often the followers of Zeus are regarded as being nosy parkers at best. Many do not bother to show their feelings of distaste for the fact that the followers of Zeus tend to feel above others.

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