Yondalla's ideas of law and good are very strong, but not strong enough to ever make her despise any halfling that follows an evil path. Rather will she try to urge such a soul back to return to the true path of law.
She appears a stout female halfling wearing a shield with the symbol of a "horn of plenty". We do not know of any place where Yondalla is not revered among halflings, but there seems to be no place outside halfling society where people follow her path.

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  • Alignment: Lawful-Good
  • Rank: Greater Deity
  • Domains: Good, Law, Protection
  • Portfolio: Fertility, Protection
  • Favored Weapon: Short sword
  • Clerics Alignment: Lawful-Good
  • Opposers: None

  • Yondalla is said to be the arch-mother of Halflings. She protects them with virtue and gives the halflings very fruitful crops.
    She does not ward against other races, but urges Halflings to steer clear of the pitfall of taking over the culture of other races.

    Holy grounds

    Yondalla's temples never stand out, as they are typically are semi burrows and more then half will be found below ground level. The upper half has of course some round windows, but otherwise is covered in grass.
    Often these temples have at least one grand hall, but they also feature a kitchen. This is because often the grand hall is used to host a feast in the honor of Yondalla. As anyone knows, party's in halfling lands need to include lavish meals.

    Attending services

    Clerics of Yondalla lead ceremony's that have to do with everyday life, but also services in the honor of Yondalla. They are strongly opposed to thievery that they see as a too-liberal interpretation of the fact that Yondalla teaches everybody to grab every opportunity.
    Besides that, Clerics are often involved in setting up security for the community and planning expeditions to other regions. However these expeditions are rather rare...
    Clerics have to lead a ceremony in the honor of Yondalla at least every month, as of the time they reach third level.

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