A female god of the dead, who seems closely related to Anubis. They share nearly the same rituals and always seem to share temples. We still wonder about the differences, if they are dependent on the god, or just dependant on the region.

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  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Rank: Intermediate Deity
  • Domains: Death travel, Chaos, Good, Protection, Repose
  • Portfolio: Death, Grief
  • Favored Weapon: Mace
  • Clerics Alignment: Any
  • Opposers: None

  • The four of gods of the dead seem to make a tight pack of gods, that do not interfere with the other gods in the pantheon.
    Even though Nephthys seems to be married to Anubis her relation with both Goliath and Wee Jas seems to be very good.
    Nephthys often shares her temple and her clerics with other gods of the dead. Clerics of hers are often also clerics of Wee Jas.
    Followers of Nephthys feel that there is a better place across the river Dogoran and Nephthys will be their guide to reach this river. They feel confident that Nephthys will then do the bartering with the ferry master called Hades, who really will set them across to the after world.

    Holy grounds
    As mentioned, temples of Nephtys are always shared with Anubis and usually also with the two other gods of the last journey. They tend to be rather richly decorated with statues of both Anubis and Nephthys. For the services to Anubis and Nephthys, these temples are equipped with usually one to three small side rooms, where the deceased are balmed and mummified. In the temple you will find a bigger room, where under the supervision of statues of Nephthys (at the north wall) and Anubis (at the south wall) the mummy is put in a (usually wooden) casket. This ritual placing is normally attended by the deceased Family, but not his friends.
    Once the deceased is placed in the casket, the priests will carry the body to his final resting place, while the family remains in the temple to mourn their loss. Friends will be waiting at the site where de casket is buried in a rather large room. They have already placed personal belongings like weapons, clothes, food and treasure in the tomb. On the arrival of the priests, the friends will place the casket in this tomb that has a drawing of a gateway on the western wall. Around the gateway there will be wishes and drawings that should provide a safe and swift journey to the better world.

    Attending services
    Nephthys does not require her followers to attend services, not even his clerics are forced to attend any services. Usually the temple where they live requires them to help with the rituals of the funeral, but Nephthys would never ask a thing like that.

    When balming a deceased, the clerics of Nephthys will place a coin under the tongue. This coin is used to pay Hades, the ferry master, for bringing the decease across the river Dogoran. Only the first time the deceased passed the river Dogoran is he going to use the services of Hades, as in the after world there is plenty of material to build a boat to travel back and forth across the river.

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