The god of thieves and gamblers is a much more critical god as you would expect at first glance. He is opposed to treachery in games and a strong advocate of fair play in games and sports.
On the other hand Hermes is seen as one of the shrewdest of gods, who is known to steal on the first day of his life.

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  • Alignment: Chaotic-Good
  • Rank: Intermediate Deity
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Travel, Trickery
  • Portfolio: Gambling, Running, Theft, Trade, Travel
  • Favored Weapon: Staff
  • Clerics Alignment: Chaotic-Good
  • Opposers: Apollo, Targregon

  • Even though Hermes is patron of thieves, he will not stand strong for those who steal from others who can not afford the loss. On the other hand if the thief steals with wit, cunning and dare, he is sure that his god will give him a extra push.
    Hermes is not a god to value idleness, if nothing seems to be right to do, then start to travel and find new experiences is his motto.

    Holy grounds

    Not many a temple of Hermes is found. If ever a temple is found, they tend to be small and usually serve much more as a refuge, as like a temple.
    Wayside shrines are much more common.

    Attending services

    Clerics tend to hold a different profession next to their being a cleric of Hermes, they commonly are translators, moneychangers or diplomats. Also they are not required to attend services, but instead they are required to travel at least 100 miles plus a additional 100 miles per two levels per year.
    If they travel less, they are bound to lose their spells. For Rangers, the same travel requirements apply.
    Besides these more or less important jobs, Clerics of Hermes often serve as officials at games and sportive meetings.

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