Clearly Goliath does not meddle much with the affairs of other gods. Even the followers of Moob-Dhane seem not to have any problem with this peaceful god. The only thing this god cares about is helping people to pass into the after world.
For most of his followers, he is not a god to revere everyday. They just go to his temple to send of the departed souls and Goliath seems to comply with that.

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  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Rank: DemiGod
  • Domains: Death travel, Law
  • Portfolio: the Last Journey, Law
  • Favored Weapon: None
  • Clerics Alignment: Any
  • Opposers: None
  • Image

    Goliath is a god of the last journey. He is revered among all races as a god to guide you on your trip to the after life. Nobody really seems to care about this god while they are alive and Goliath will not hold that against anybody.
    There is a total of four of these gods of the dead. Goliath, Anubis, Nephthys and Wee Jas.
    Each of these seem to be closely related and they tend to share temples and even clerics! Clerics of Goliath often are also Clerics of Nephthys.
    Followers of Goliath see dead as a eternal sleeping period, from which you may awake one day into a other body. Most followers of Goliath come from the lower classes.

    Holy grounds
    Temples of Goliath are typically found near graveyards. Followers of Goliath bury their dead and so this is the most practical place to have a temple. These temples typically are shared with the other gods of the last journey, so they tend to be rather richly decorated. (Not that Goliath would care, a shack is good enough for him.)

    Attending Services
    Goliath does not require people to attend services or atone for any "sins". All he asks is that his clerics assist or bury the dead.

    The dead are usually delivered to the temple. Goliaths clerics will make a tour of their area every week to collect deceased that have not been brought to their temple.
    If asked by the relatives, the dead are send on their last journey with the relatives present.
    For those where the relatives do not care and for the deceased that have been collected, once a week, there is a day of departure. At this day in the early morning there is a small service and then all the deceased are buried at the graveyard.

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