General information about gods of the last journey

People die, there is no doubt about that. Teolin is no different in this aspect to any of the other worlds we have visited. The rituals are a different part al together, here Teolin does stand out from the worlds we have seen.
Four gods of the dead we have been able to identify. Each of whom has their own rituals, but all in all they have some things in common as well. Be it the vain Wee Jas, be it the simple Goliath, or the two ritual following gods Anubis or Nephthys, all four of them seem friends and all of them will accept followers even if the follower revered an other deities.
These gods are often revered as sort of "side" gods, unless of course someone is a cleric or a paladin. Clerics and paladins only revere their own gods and follow the rituals of their own god.

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Gods of the dead are very important to the people of Teolin, though in everyday life, many would never tell you they know about these gods.
When someone dies, the importance of these gods does become apparent. All of a sudden, they remember who was the god to follow under these circumstances.
These gods of the dead area peaceful bunch, we never heard about any fights, nor does it appear that they have any enemies, neither among gods, nor among the population of Teolin. These gods tend to share their temples, unless you find yourself in a very large city. There, you might find (on rare occasions) that only Anubis and Nephthys share a temple and that Wee Jas and Goliath share a second temple.
The most important thing that identifies all the gods of the dead, is that they tend to have Death in their portfolio and they have Death travel as one of their domains. Besides that, they seem normal enough, just maybe a bit distant.

Game rule information

As you will undoubtedly understand, the gods of the dead do not always behave the way you would expect a deity to behave. Therefore in this section the differences are brought to your attention.

A very important aspect for those who follow a god of the dead and also are divine magic users, is the fact that if you look at spells, you will find that the domain of death travel is not a valid D&D domain.
For game rule purposes, the domain of Death travel should be considered to be the domain of Death.

Alignment of Clerics
Clerics who follow multiple deities, may actually have multiple alignments. For purpose of game rules, they have the alignment of the god they represent at that moment. This may mean a cleric changes alignment between two rounds of battle.

Followers of the gods of death
The only followers of the gods of the death, in the sense that they derive divine magical powers of their gods, are clerics.
Druids, Rangers, Paladins all derive their divine magical powers from one of the other gods in the Pantheon.

Players as followers of death gods
As the clerics of the deathgods are not the adventurous type, it is not logical that players would be followers of the death gods.
If players would elect to be the follower of a death god, for them the normal rule applies, that in Teolin, it is not possible to revere the entire Pantheon as one single form of eternal power. They should choose one god only to follow and stick to that.
For purpose of determining if players can deal damage or heal with their spells, consider all gods to be of neutral alignment.

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The Teolin Setting
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