Anubis, a god shaped like a jackal, guides people on their last journey. Besides this, he never seems to meddle with the affairs of the living, nor with the affairs of the gods. Anubis is said to be married to Nephthys but that me be just rumors. We have found that both of these two gods behave rather similar though.

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  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Rank: Lesser Deity
  • Domains: Death travel, Law, Magic, Repose
  • Portfolio: Death, Judgment
  • Favored Weapon: Mace
  • Clerics Alignment: Any
  • Opposers: None

  • Anubis, as mentioned does not care much about the affairs of the gods, or people for that matter. He just helps deceased people find the river Dogoran, across which people will find their destiny. The main followers of Anubis are Humans, Elf's, Half-Elf's and Halflings. We no that Elf's don't die of old age, but some do die in battle.
    Anubis is one of four gods we consider to be gods of the dead. These are Anubis, Goliath, Nephthys and Wee Jas.
    Each of these seem to be closely related and they tend to share temples and even clerics! Clerics of Anubis often are also clerics of Goliath.
    Followers of Anubis feel that there is a better world across the river Dogoran. For the journey, the time there and the time before the journey, one needs supplies, which are provided to the deceased in abundance.

    Holy grounds
    As mentioned, temples of Anubis are usually shared with the other gods of the dead. They tend to be rather richly decorated with statues of both Anubis and Nephthys. For the services to Anubis and Nephthys, these temples are equipped with usually one to three small side rooms, where the deceased are balmed and mummified. In the temple you will find a bigger room, where under the supervision of statues of Nephthys (at the north wall) and Anubis (at the south wall) the mummy is put in a (usually wooden) casket. This ritual placing is normally attended by the deceased friends, but not his family.
    Once the deceased is placed in the casket, the priests and friends will carry the body to his final resting place. Here the family will be waiting with supplies like food, clothes, weapons and treasure. All the belongings will be placed in a chamber, where the casket is placed last. On the western wall of this room there will be drawn a gateway that is circled with wishes and drawings that should provide a safe and swift journey to the better world.

    Attending services
    Anubis does not require his followers to attend services, not even his clerics are forced to attend any services. Usually the temple where they live requires them to help with the rituals of the funeral, but Anubis would never ask a thing like that.

    When balming a deceased, the clerics of Anubis will place a coin under the tongue. This coin is needed to pay the ferry master who is going to bring the deceased to the next world across the river Dogoran. The ferry master, called Hades will only need to be paid once, as in the next world, the deceased will find quite enough material to build a boat to cross the river again to fetch his/her belongings.

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