The Teolin Gazette Headlines

Everyday, the Teolin Gazette brings the news to Mercantie. This paper is shipped to many other islands as well, but usually those are just a few copies and they tend to be hard to come by.
We are fortunate enough to have found someone to do research in the various library's on Mercantie. This new employee, Margal Kentric has agreed to send us a overview of the headlines of the Teolin Gazette everyday. On this page, we will publish the headlines we deem to be important.
To help you familiarize yourself with the Teolin Calendar, we will include the names of the days and months in this overview.

Ghet-Oct, 24 Krad-Mon 6055
Royal Ball Rumour has it that Prince DuSoleil will organize a ball for the arrival of Lady Infata Di Carlotta on the 30th of Krad-Mon.
Bue-Oct, 21 Krad-Mon 6055
Terrorists escaped The five Chaligar terrorists, who where convicted to mortal punishment just three days ago, where able to escape twenty minutes before their execution.
Grain negotiations reopened Knis and Gordlan have reopened negotiations as Tralival seems not to be able to aliviate the entire grainshortage.
Lar-Oct, 19 Krad-Mon 6055
Peace initiative on hold As some delegates have left for Hamlock to attend the black onyx festival, the peace intiative for Gaialoran has been temporarly removed from the council's agenda.
Chaligar terorrists convicted The Chaligar terrorists aprehended on Tandori and put on trial by the paladins of Heironeous, have been convicted. Most have recieved a sentence of ten years of hard-labor, while five of them have been convincted to mortal punishment.
Devo-Oct, 18 Krad-Mon 6055
The builders of Athena The builders of Athena have declared their support for the Vargland peace initiative for Gaialoran.
Sou-Oct, 15 Krad-Mon 6055
Kerren joins coalition The Humans on Kerren have joined the coalition for peace on Gaialoran. Kerren also offers refuge to the Humans that will want to depart from Gaialoran.
Trade stop Antasia has forbidden the weekly markets for the remainder of the year in fear of attacks by Kerren.
Bue-Oct, 13 Krad-Mon 6055
Peace signed In sight of the arrival of the Knis warriors on Tralival, the nations have signed a non-combat agreement with Gordlan. The Gordlan ships have not been withdrawn, but are now anchored about twenty miles out of the coast.
Kerren petitions for Peace In the great council, Kerren has formerly declared a request for peace in the war with Antasia. Antasian politicians have swept this of the table, as Kerren indicated the war was started by Antasia.
Lar-Oct, 11 Krad-Mon 6055
Meridoc declared unwanted The sinking of the Lady Freebird with 500 caskets of wine destined for Tingerslom has been the final problem. The council of Tingerslom has now declared mister Meridoc a unwanted person.
First terrorist on trial The paladins of Heironeous have brought the first of the Chaligar terrorist before a judge.
Devo-Oct, 10 Krad-Mon 6055
Preparations started The preparations for the Black Onyx festival have started. To this end, some priests of Anubis and Nephthys have been invited to come to Hamlock. Current information states that no other priests have been invited for the festival.
Sue-Oct, 7 Krad-Mon 6055
Ships ordered The elves of Gaialoran have ordered several mercantie patrollers with the shipbuilders of Vargland.
Amb-Oct, 6 Krad-Mon 6055
Gaialoran conflict escalates In sight of one of the southern harbor of Gaialoran, a human longship has tried to sink two elven traders.
Libr-Oct, 4 Krad-Mon 6055
Prince Angered Prince DuSoleil of Hindlock has expressed his doubts and concerns about the Black Onyx festival to be held in Hamlock. The prince has formerly charged Hamlock with treason.
The Antasia-Kerren war In the war started by Kerren, Antasia has gained some advantage by sinking three longships, one of which was carrying the two sons of the king of Kerren.
Ghet-Oct, 33 Hiv-Hair 6055
Sad News Sad news has reached Ylorea's adventuring. A scroll arrived at our head-quarters informing us that Sue has passed away. We understand that a brown bear has defeated this fearsome man.
Sue-Oct, 32 Hiv-Hair 6055
Hamlock decides The Black Onyx festival will start on Devo-Priem 25 Krad-Mon and will last for nine days until 33 Krad-Mon. Because of this, the town square of Hamlock will temporarily be sanctified by the priests of Wee-Jas.
Vargland starts lobby The representation of Vargland has started a lobby in the great council of Mercantie to settle the war on Gaialoran by reinstating elven/gnome rule over the entire island.
Libr-Oct, 29 Hiv-Hair 6055
Spreading business The well known Corundum trader Djoser has opened an office in the free city of Hamlock in the part of city that is known as scarlet town.
Messengers from the south For the people of the south, the month of Relar in the year 6059 is rapidly approaching. As such, preparations are made for the election of the elven king and so messengers are now looking for people that have indications that the current candidates might not be appropriate.
Lar-Oct, 28 Hiv-Hair 6055
Grinlog mystery unraveled After deep investigation, it seems apparent that the disaster that has hit Grinlog is indeed the waking of the dreaded Tarrasque.
Knis responds In response to the sailing of the Gordlan ships, two days ago, Knis has sent reinforcements to protect the Tralival citizens from the Gordlan invasion.
Devo-Priem, 26 Hiv-Hair 6055
Black Onyx festival After being canceled at Tingerslom, the festival is now going to be held in the free city of Hamlock. The date is still to be decided, but currently speculations indicate a date half-way into Krad-Mon.
First ships set sail In the ongoing struggle between Gordlan and Tralival, the first Gordlan ships are reported to have set sail to Tralival.
Sou-Oct, 24 Hiv-Hair 6055
Paladins find weapons In response to the apprehension of the Chaligar terrorists, searches by the paladins of Heironeous have revealed a secret hide-out on Tandori that seems to have been used to hide large amounts of weapons.
Amb-Oct, 23 Hiv-Hair 6055
Tandori citizens arrest evil terrorists The citizens of Tandori have been able to unmask a cell of Chaligar terrorists who where trying to find shelter in their village by performing their normal welcome ritual. The terrorists have been given in custody to a group of paladins of Mergany.
Bue-Oct, 22 Hiv-Hair 6055
Sue's Birthday Of course the birthday of a employee of ours did not make the headlines of the Mercantie Gazette, but we felt it needed some celebration anyway.
Lar-Oct, 20 Hiv-Hair 6055
Grinlog economy devastated Returning ships from Grinlog, have reported that the entire island is wrecked and all economic activity has come to a standstill. Reports are scetchy at best as hardly any people have survived. Their reports speak of a giagantic monster, with a shell that reflects spells.
War declaration In the great council of Mercantie, the representative of Gordlan has declared war on Tralival. The dwarves of Knis are outraged as they connect this declaration to their turn down of the gordlan grain offer.
Devo-Priem, 18 Hiv-Hair 6055
Soldiers return Today a group of soldiers hunting goblins has returned to Quiro. They report that large groups of goblins have set sail to leave the island.
Amb-Oct, 15 Hiv-Hair 6055
War Rages Kerren has declared war on Antasia. The great council is in turmoil as some say this is a internal conflict, while others are on the road to raise trade barriers against Kerren.
Lyre Feste cancelled? With the discovery of new musical matrials in the library of Gartilian, more and more contestants are canceling their appearance.
Libr-Oct, 13 Hiv-Hair 6055
Thieves Tricked A group of thieves that had started to raid the streets of Mercantie has been caught. There are indications their leader is a woman named Annouk.
Mercantie negotiates new ship deal With the destruction of one of the Mercantie patrollers, the council is pressed to close a deal soon with the shipbuilders at Vargland.
Lar-Oct, 12 Hiv-Hair 6055
Lyre Feste expanded The quarterly lyre playing contest on Cantor starting next Con-Cluer will not last two days as usual, but will be extended to fifteen days.
Murder attempt The representative of Brotak has nearly been killed while he was visiting the island of Auliaris. There are reports of a female assassin that would have left Auliaris only hours after the attempt.
Devo-Oct, 11 Hiv-Hair 6055
Hotel problems Since the discovery of a secret room in the library of the university of Gartilian, it is nearly impossible to find lodging on Kivarolan.
Devo-Priem, 10 Hiv-Hair 6055
Dwarves close deal with Tralival The dwarves of Knis have will protect Tralival against Orc invasions for two years in exchange for a steady grain supply.
Tragedy on Grinolog Trade vessels returning from Grinolog report that the harbors have been destroyed and the villages look as if trampled. A investigation group has been sent forth from Mercantie.
Ghet-oct, 9 Hiv-Hair 6055
Gordlan offers to sell grain The dwarves of Knis are desperately looking for grain, but do not wish to purchase such good from Orc's.
Army forming on Quiro After the pressure that has been excreted on the council by Samuel Blackley, preparations have been made to send a army to break the siege to a floating castle.
Sou-oct, 8 Hiv-Hair 6055
Robbery and pick-pocketing on the rise The order of seeing is very worried that robbery and pick-pocketing is on the rise. There is little they can do, as the criminals seem to receive help from a powerful illusionist.
Amb-oct, 7 Hiv-Hair 6055
Trade negotiations stopped The trade delegation of Knis has had a run of bad-luck trying to find new supplies of beer.
Bue-oct, 6 Hiv-Hair 6055
Old books recovered In the library of the university of Gartilian, an old door was rediscovered, leading into a forgotten part of the library.
Libr-oct, 5 Hiv-Hair 6055
Relative peace on Quiro The last couple of days relative few attacks of goblins on the villages of Quiro have been reported.
Grain crop of Knis destroyed by a hurricane Only hours before the grain harvest on Knis was going to take place, the hurricane Miglar hit the group of islands, ripping away all the grain. The inhabitants of Knis are now facing the harsh reality of a year without their home brewn beer.

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