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Part of Ylorea's journey's has lead to collecting materials in a lot of different forms. Now that knowledge that has been stored in other forms as web based files, is compiled here for you to download. Be aware that the information here is based on the assumption that you own at least the Players handbook. A essential book that will give you a better understanding of the world of Teolin.

Be aware that this download center is divided into a couple of different sections. First you will find the Teolin documentation in English, then some other English files that we find useful. Last you will find some of the original Teolin documentation, that was set up in the Dutch language.

English base Teolin documentation
File File Size Description
Teolins moons.xls
152 kb
A calendar for Teolin, including data about the visibility of the moons and the amount of light shed on the world of Teolin during the different nights.
22 kb
The song of Moradin, which is the song GreatHall defenders sing to distract their foe.
To properly read this, you need the dwarvenrunes font.

English files that may be very useful
File File Size Description
34.5 kb
Conversion of metrical units to US measure units.
260 kb
3rd edition D&D character sheet in excel format. This was developed by "The Lonely Dragon".
281 kb
3rd edition D&D character sheet in excel format. This sheet is useful only when you play a single class character, but then it calculates nearly everything for you.
28 kb
A excel sheet that will calculate the score for a number of dice (20 or less) if you give the number of sides to that die. You can roll no more then 20 sets of dice at a time.
9 kb
Extract this font into your windows fonts directory to be able to use dwarven runes in for instance word.
11 kb
Extract this font into your windows fonts directory to be able to use elven runes in for instance word.

Wizards of the Coast converstion documentation.
This documentation will help you 'translate' your dungeons & dragons 3.0 campaign into a dungeons & dragons 3.5 campaign.
File File Size Description
Core Books
416 kb
Upgrade Revision Booklet in pdf format. (Upgrades PHB, DMG and MM1)
Monster Manual 2
257 kb
Upgrade Revision for the second Monster Manual.
298 kb
Upgrade Revision for chapter 11 of the PHB and spells found in other places.
Deities & Demigods
223 kb
Upgrade Revision for Deities and Demigods.
Manual o/t Plains
165 kb
Upgrade Revision for Manual of the Plains.
Basic Rules
441 kb
Basic Upgrade Revision rules in RTF format.

Original Dutch Teolin Documentation
The descriptions for the following files are in Dutch, as their content is also Dutch.
Notice that the information on the website will be considered to be "leading".
File File Size Description
House Rules.doc
119 kb
Huis regels D&D. n.b. Deze bevatten onder andere regels over het toewijzen van XP.
Teolin Setting.doc
507 kb
Algemene beschrijving van de wereld van Teolin.
178 kb
Beschrijving van de goden en de gebruiken rond geloof in Teolin.

Some of the files on this page have been compressed using winzip. Click the icon to download a trial version.

The Teolin Setting
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