The DM's Corner

Some of the information found here, is not very well suited for the players, or should simply remain out of players hands. This information is gathered on this page.
We have a specific list of books for DM's here, a DM's download section with encounter tables and the like.
You will not find any specific adventures here, there will be general outlines and you can find how my players solved the problems in the campaign setting. Because I am not a fan of "pre-cooked" adventures, I am not going to create them myself.

Players please realize, this is no place for you to go as this page is the entrance to the DM's corner.
Please consult your DM before exploring this page.

Ylorea's library with a list of all the books in our possession. Some are marked DM only, while the others may be of interest to DM's as well. Make sure to own the books your players use heavily and to approve nick-nacks before they start using them.

Download center for DM's. Find (probably too little) information on the adventures I run, tools I use and more of those things.

Circle of Garath: A island that is little known due to the fact that it is too small to make a difference anywhere.

Kyuss: A quasi deity that is little known and even less is known about his followers or rituals.

The Teolin Setting
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