The Campaign

Ylorea has found some bold people to go and learn more about the secrets of Teolin. They are about to embark on their journey. Their findings will add to the general knowledge on this site, but we will shortly publish some biographies and the adventures of these people at this very place.
Once they set out on their journey, we hope to publish their achievements on a bi-weekly basis.

Of course Ylorea remains responsible for the publishing on this site, but we hope that the adventurers will report on their findings themselves.
As they reported fame is their game and not money or wealth, we presume they will entertain us with some wonderful story's.

In this general section of the site, you find several things. You can either have go and meet Ylorea and her friends.
You can also have a look at the first group of employees of Ylorea or their reports. Since this group has failed to send in reports of late, we assume the worst...

Two groups of adventurers are now on their way to explore Teolin. The first consists of a group of friends from Shark's Edge. This team has send us some reports. In honor of their feelings, we have gathered their information under the "Duty calls" heading.
A new group is currently preparing for their first assignment and we hope to learn more about them as soon as possible. Based on their back-ground, we will gather all knowledge under the heading "Green Forest".

On the following pages you will find some charactersheets that are available in PDF format. This is a format that is easy to read, provided you have adobe acrobat. If you do not have this program or plug in, you can use the button below to jump to the adobe site and download a free copy.
The charactersheets you find have been created using:

The Teolin Setting
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