Return from the wizards house

We stood in a huge room with stone pillars. They reached up to the roof. Were the pillars put there to keep a gigantic beast in its place? I didn't feel at ease with this place. When Katala proposed to leave here, I immediately agreed. But the men were too curious. Brag went to the door behind the immense pillars. He put the door ajar and peeked into the next room. It must have been entertaining, because he sat down at the floor to watch the show behind the door. Bob sensed something and looked not as happy as Brag did. Behind the door two hobgoblins were fighting. A few minutes later, Brag went into the next room and we all stood by the door. The hobgoblins did not stop fighting. They were standing on enormous septagram engraved in the floor. I saw something strange on the back of one of the goblins. It oozed en moved like a shadow in the dark. Katala shot an arrow at the strange figure, but I went right through him and not even a drop of blood was spilled. I tried to flare him, but my spell had absolutely no effect on him. Something strange was going on. Katala and I tried to persuade the others to leave. Suddenly the 'normal' hobgoblin ran off and tried to escape. He did not survive the encounter with our party. But now the creepy guy turned his attention to us. This creature was too strong for us. Back in the huge room, I discovered a door. I opened it and we all went into the corridor behind it. Just in time we closed the door behind us. Now the creature was locked out, but we were locked in!

We went down the corridor and entered a small room with a little statues of Isis. On the left hand was a large room filled with chests. They contained stuff and potions for summoning spells, oil and lanterns. In the right room Brag opened other chests and more summoning stuff. We also discovered a bedroom, covered with dust. Under the bed a thin line caught the attention. Brag and Bob moved the bed and later we went down a new set of stairs. We ended in a small room and behind that a larger room awaited us. The larger room was again filled with statues and an altar. As I walked around, a statue that had come to life suddenly attacked me. "You have not paid your respects to Isis!" It screamed. After showing some respect, the statue calmed down and stood motionless again. But there was more! Behind the room, a huge library awaited us. Thousands of books, just about everything. Katala was besides herself to see many magic books. They stood, of course, on the highest bookshelves. But no problem for a sorcerer! But there was something for everybody. In another room we also found a lot of money, a quarterstaff and some old clothes. The quarterstaff tingled in my hands. Magic?

Since we found no other exit, we decided to go back. Staying down here was no option. We went back to the secret door. As we opened the door, water poured in. The corridor went down and up to the roof was filled with water up to the roof. We turned back to the higher level to keep our feet dry. It was probably too far to swim back because of all the turns. But we still had our 'breath water spell'! Someone could go back and maybe find a way to make the water disappear. But who was to go? I kept quiet. I hate water. No volunteer here! At last Katala went. We saw her leaving. Later she returned, not really happy. It was indeed just too far to swim and she didn't find out how to drop the water level. A new plan came up. Katala would take my rope and walk back to the dry chamber and with the help of the rope we could find our way through the water easily. Katala and I would run to the outside while Brag and Bob would cover us. As we ran through the huge room with the pillars we did not see the strange hobgoblin. We did see some strange stuff oozing on the floor. I was so happy to see daylight again! But my heart broke to see that my eagle was injured. She had guarded the place very well.

We spent the night at our cave. The following morning Bob shot a sheep. Bob borrowed my dagger to perform some things I didn't want to know about. He promised to bring it back nice and clean. I stayed outside the cave. I understand that people eat meat, but I cannot bear to watch a living creature... I looked for some edible plants in the open air, enjoying myself. Brag called me and returned my dagger. It was bloody and some entrails were still dangling from the tip of the weapon. My stomach turned a few times and if looks could kill, Brag would not feel very well at this moment. Angry, I turned my back on him. Typically dwarf, absolutely no respect for whatsoever. We went back to the village from which we were send to kill thirty goblins. As walking we saw some huge dark birds in the sky. Later one of the birds dropped a gift on Brags had. I applauded and cheered and nature's revenge. Now he looked quite angry. In our journey we stumbled upon other goblins and could not avoid them. But in the end we finally did arrive at our destiny in on piece. We had accomplished our mission.


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