Meeting Anigel

After we had rested a bit, it was time for a decision. We were now in what used to be a library. The roof was gone, but we felt this walls gave us some cover and time to recover. But in this room was also a stairs that lead down. And maybe more goblins awaited us there. With most of my friends and myself still seriously wounded we did not dare to enter.

Enola went outside to check on her eagle. She suddenly rushed back inside, her eagle was making some strange movements. I quickly picked up my cat, Sneaky, took the little boy by his hand, and followed the others who were already on their way towards trouble. As we caught up with them, they were in conversation with some half-elf who it appeared had slaughtered the dead goblins at her feet al by herself. She seemed decent enough and as her biggest hobby was slaying goblins, we were happy for her to join our quest: killing 30 goblins.

She followed us along towards the library with the stairs into darkness. Brave as she was, she suggested we'd take a peek. Brag or Bob lit a torch, I couldn't see whom it was since it was so dark in this hole and a long dark corridor appeared ahead. Brave as they are, Bob en Brag stood to face the goblins behind the first door we encountered. Anigel also proved her worth, slaying even more of the foul creatures than they did. I myself stayed behind to protect the boy and guard the corridor… which luckily stayed empty. I did get the chance however to shoot some arrows and discover what was inside al those boxes and crates scattered throughout this room: Food. Grain, flower… it was just plain food. I myself did not think these creatures were here to protect food, so I took great cares in searching the room. (Which I didn't mind doing since Anigel was doing her horror: cutting of noses! How disgusting!) The Lady of Luck must have favored me. I found some coins and armor!

Since both Bob and Brag, our toughest fighters, were exhausted, we decided to get out and make a camp somewhere. Anigel happened to know about a cave that was safe. Indeed, it made a fine camping place. During the night Sneaky attacked something with hooves that was spying on us. Never found out what it was, though. In the morning I prepared some breakfast as Enola searched for her disappeared eagle (it seems to do that a lot). She set out with Anigel as I took care of my friends and the little boy. Anigel turned out to be a ranger but unfortunately she knew nothing of the One that can speak with Dragons. My quest is quite difficult. I can only hope my Lady will understand.

As I was quietly thinking over all this the two elven ladies returned. They had discovered some more goblins with worgs. These are dangerous dog-like beasts who can kill you in a heartbeat. We made a ploy and lured the goblins towards some trees in which we hid. Brag was to be the decoy. It worked! Amazingly it worked and we got to kill some more goblins. The worgs were nowhere to be seen.

Again we headed for the dungeon. Anigel told us that the ruins used to be the mansion of some powerful wizard. Now it was reduced to a goblin hideout. Also this halfelf's quest seemed to run deeper. She knew of a goblin training camp and village in the north. This was a personal offence for her and so, that is why we met her. She had set out on her quest to eliminate this camp, starting with the nearby goblin village were she wanted to collect the noses of goblinchildren and -women. It was my fortune that after me, the little boy and Enola getting green around the noses whenever it concerned her horrid act, she let this part of her quest go. No more cutting nosed. I am so relieved. I don't think my stomach could have stand any more of it.

The first room was again inhabited by some of those foul little creatures, which my friends quickly eliminated. On we went towards the next room. Brag seemed to hear some voices and he thought of a plan. Doing my best to keep quiet, I got scared shitless as he suddenly banged the walls with his warhammer. This was not the only thing that had scared the goblins as they fled the room screaming and trashing. Our fighters quickly hacked them down. In the room beyond this kitchenette I discovered a secret room. Brag helped me open it and in there we discovered a bedroom. Hidden inside were a couple of healing potions, which were of great help to Bob who wasn't doing to good. My searching the larger ante-room took up quite some time, but none of them protested as they could use a bit of rest.

We returned to the campsite to let our wounds recover. After a nourishing night's rest Enola's eagle again caused a bit of a stir. As we exited the cave, to goblins were on a path straight above our little safe haven. With my arrow's quickly knocked (and some help form the eagle) this threat was soon over. It was clear we had to act soon and rout out this dungeon. After breakfast we set to our task. This time we discovered the weirdest room! It was cramped with pillars, designed to prevent something escaping form 2 enormous doors at the back of the room. The goblins hiding in here we off course soon sent to the ashes and fires of hell. We had now only one little goblin left to kill and then the boy could return home. After this, we are to get help and make a plan to dispose of the trainingcamp for goblinoids. Adventure has certainly come my way. And I may yet be of some good to my Lady. Anigel claims that a powerful ranger is held captive in the camp, and he could just be the key I need…


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