Judgment day

So there I was, sleepin' next to the warm campfire. It's been a while since I've slept outside … it felt goon 'n nice. As soon as I woke up, I realized that Bob 'n Enola were prayin', and me experience of Moradin's blessed were long prayers… but Bob, was kneelin' for 2 hours in a row, I bet he was sleepin'!

Once done we set of followin' a road hard to see for a normal eye. We followed the road as the trees were gettin' bigger 'n older by every yard we walked... I didn't feel comfortable, but everythin' better than on a ship full o' pirates! We left the road, followin' a stream up 'n after a while Enola claimed we were standin' in an elven encampment. I have good eyes, but me eyes weren't trained to look upon the trees. To make things sillier, it appears we have followin' a path all along … I still don't believe that!

So, there I was, standin' in the midst of an elven encampment. Secretly I always wanted to see how the tree-huggers lived, but now that I'm here… I know I didn't miss a thing. I think their houses were placed under some sort of spell, for I still couldn't see it. Then voices filled the air, high melodic tunes… elves! In an instant me cutlass was in me hands, ready for everythin', but nothin' appeared. They must have been afraid of us, or somethin´. Enola returned the call… Ha, so much for elven courtesy, they didn't talk a language we'd all understand.

Moments after, they were invited to go into a tree. Everybody went up, but I stayed down… guardin' their escape. I couldn't see the elves, but I know they were there. They just needed to move, 'n I would have seen 'em! I heard their steps, they were behind me! With a sudden movement I turned… 'n looked into the face of Enola. She asked me to go upstairs 'n join them for diner 'n a nice ale. Now, be honest, I couldn't reject an offer like that, could I?

So, there I went climbin' a so called 'stairs'. Now, I recognize a stair when I see one, nice carved out of granite stone... but this wasn't a stair! This was just a broken tree. I reached the end 'n I set foot into a nice place. Meat! And within the next few moments, I found myself sittin' 'n eatin' enjoyin' the fine hospitality of the elves! When me stomach was full, Enola was to recite a poem. I really tried to stay awake, but a poem of two hours 'n only in elven, places a spell of some sort on me … I woke up 'n looked into the face of Bob, tellin' me I was to go a private chamber. So I did…

I slept like stone! I tell ye, this was the best rest, since I was taken away from me home. We were given new clothes 'n a bow of water to refresh ourselves. I felt refreshed 'n clean me self 'n braided me beard again, givin' it the royal look as it deserves. Finally I was able to clean the blood of me hands, I felt reborn. Suddenly I felt guild strikin' me. I have givin' these elves all but ill-respect, I am about to change that.

I returned to the main hall, where breakfast was served. First I apologized to our host, explainin' me ill manners. I'll be makin' sure, I'll correct the ill-respect that is bein' spread throughout the Dwarven Halls of Knis. We left these trees not long after that 'n were given a rowboat to reach the other isle. Everybody knows Dwarves aren't fond of waters, but I tell ye we appear to be better rowers than Bob 'n Katala.

After the long way 'round, we reach the next isle, where we placed out hopes of gettin' to know more. We reached a village, but it appeared to be pillaged by the pirates. Burned houses, ruined walls 'n newly placed graves was all that was left, so we decided to walk along, hoping to find some answers at the next village. We walked for 3 hours, 'n once we reached the borders of the village, a dozen of militia ran towards us, claimin' they were pirates. Now, they must have suffered hard, so I didn't offer any resistance. We were given a fair trail, so we surrendered ourselves… though I made one condition. We were to be set lose, or I'd have to hurt somebody. I guess tellin' that would only made things worse, so I kept it for me self.

The trail was in our advantage, for we were free to go 'n was given the honor to go 'n slay some goblins, which were terrorizin' this place for many years. They asked us to get rid of only 30 goblins. Without hesitation, I agreed … eager to go into battle.

We left the village soon after that, guided by a boy. After a long walk, the sun left the scene 'n we were forced to camp. We arrived a campsite of goblins, but unfortunately it was empty. We decided to stay here 'n make camp. I took a watch of 4 hours 'n the Enola would be after that. I was feelin' fit 'n could not sleep with the excitement of killin' goblins. Me wish was granted… goblins were nearin'. I made sure, Sir Bob was awake, by throwin' stones to him. After he acknowledged me signs, I charged into the fray 'n plunged me warhammer in their tiny skulls. A war song of Moradin filled the night air as I continued me attacks on the little fiends. They were no match for me hammer.

After the thrill of battle, we returned to the camp 'n continued our rest. The next mornin' we set of North-West, followin' the boy's lead again. We walked for many miles, till we reach a ruin of some manor. Without doubt, goblins would be in this place … I could almost smell 'em. We hurried down to take cover 'n carefully made our way into the destroyed buildin'. Then, unexpected I could hear people talk. Katala used magic to trick some goblins, who revealed themselves. Without hesitation, the knight 'n I set of to bash some goblins skulls.

But, these goblins were tough! Unlike many others I have fought. Two of the three proved to be formidable opponents, but we prevailed in the end … for now we rest 'n recover our breath from the battle. Our next goal is to go down the stairs…

Brag Brightrune.

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