History of the first adventurers

Ylorea and her various teams have been exploring Teolin for quite a while now. Here we have gathered information about those who have come and seen this world before the present day.
We have many words to say about the young people who are ready to have their name scribed into mans memory, to be remembered for ever, but let us start with the older events.

Ylorea herself was one of a team of adventurers that started the exploration of Teolin. Many of their adventures are now the stuff that legends are made of, but since these adventures have not been written down in their time, it seems not very smart to start doing so now.
Time passed, but eventually a new group of adventurers was hired to chase the shadows of long forgotten memory's and they started on their quest for glory.
Now we are facing a situation where currently two teams of adventurers are finding their path on Teolin and both of them send in their reports. The first group started out from Shark's Edge and the other has it's base in a green forest.

The Teolin Setting
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