Arod's Journal

As you all know, Arod Baldwin is one of the members of the Shark's Edge group, who is bound by the duty that has called them. He seems to have been enchanted by the quill to write down his adventures for future generations and probably also to report on his findings and exploits to the members of his temple.
We at Ylorea's adventuring are more then happy to help him to get his messages to the temple's of his faith on Vicante, provided that we can read and publish his story's too.

To keep track of all of Arod's reports, here we have first provided links to the reports he has already written:

13 Min-Ghon 6055 The first of Arod's reports
11 Hiv-Hair 6055 The second of Arod's reports
13 Hiv-Hair 6055 The third of Arod's reports
23 Hiv-Hair 6055 The fourth of Arod's reports
24 Hiv-Hair 6055 The fifth of Arod's reports
28 Hiv-Hair 6055 The sixth of Arod's reports
13 Krad-Mon 6055 The seventh of Arod's Reports
20 Krad-Mon 6055 Report eigth of Arod
22 Krad-Mon 6055 The ninth of Arod's Reports
31 Krad-Mon 6055 The tenth of Arod's Reports
34 Krad-Mon 6055 The Eleventh of Arod's reports
15 Khal-Amber 6056 Report twelve of Arod, written by Kasimir Amorsharan
15 Khal-Amber 6056 The first comments of Arod after his return
19 Khal-Amber 6056 Report thirteen of Arod, written by Kasimir Amorsharan
18 Khal-Bular 6056 Report fourteen of Arod
21 Khal-Bular 6056 Report fifteen of Arod

As a quick reminder, here is a link to the calendar of Teolin.

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