Brother in Arms

In the middle of all the arrangments for the arrival of Lady Infata Di Carlotta at the palace of the prince DuSoleil, our friends have been able to arrange a meeting with the prince and fulfill their obligation to master Morley.

This entry will both serve as news of joy and grieve, for I have good and ill reports to make. I will keep this entry short, for I do not feel for writing.. Let me explain:
After weeks of travel and idle frustration, we finally reached the heavy gates of the capital. We still needed to wait for some days filled with diplomatic duties and professional responsibilities, before we could possibly meet this prince. But our patience was rewarded for we finally were granted an audience with the Prince.
We were able to lower the tax rate for Master Morley, so he should be satisfied with our result - so far the news is good. Alas good things are not meant to last forever..

My dearest friend, and brother in arms, received a note from his birth place. Gondar's former home was under attack by an Orcish Horde, a call he could not leave unheard - a call I myself could not refuse: a call for aid. Yowira, Ylia and Ginder felt obliged to inform Master Morley that the task at hand was completed with success, while I felt a strong urge to aid my brother in arms in his righteous war.
A swift goodbye is all we could afford at this point, for time was running against us at the moment we were speaking. I hated myself for leaving the ladies, but their priorities did not lie with one of the greatest bravo's I've seen in my adventuring days. A pity for sure, as I thought this would be the last time I would see those kind ladies. We departed in search of a ship...
Curse the gods who plotted against me! The moment we arrived at the ship, we learned of the fact that only one passenger was allowed to enter the ship in exchange for his service.. I could not join my friend and provide him with Akrons strength and skill in battle. I was forced to leave my good friend Gondar - forced to seeing him sail beyond the horizon.
I pray for you soul, my good friend. I pray Akron may guide you with the wisdom to prevail in battle, and grant you the strength and skill to overcome your enemies. I besiege The Great Warrior to aid you in all ways and bring us both hope in the fact that there will be a chance that Akron and Athena will be reunited in battle.. Be safe, dear friend.

- Arod Baldwin, Holywarrior of Akron

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