Departing for Quinterasse

Little has happened to brighten the day's of our brave warrior Akron. His are not the days of shopping and waiting for clothes to be brought to his doorstep. After another two days in Hindlock, Arod has his way again. The road is leading him and the others again.

I was forced to made another entry in this journal, only to explain that we finally left the solid and boring walls of Hindlock. After some days we received our ceremonial clothes and left as soon as possible. The ladies were safe within the leading wagon, while I and two guards offered protection for the entire caravan. We passed old trees and green hills, before I heard a scream from within the wagon. Quickly I moved my mount towards the wagon, only to discover that the ladies noticed a horde of undead, coming from the flanking hills. Praised be Akron!
Finally my prowess in battle was to used again - I could feel the trill of battle surging through my veins. I dismounted the warhorse and moved a 50 feet away from the wagon, towards the horde. I prayed to Akron to guide my blade and fuel my wits - granting me several spells to aid me in this battle.
Ginger was shooting at the undead, but as predicted, her arrows were futile against the bones of their skeletal body. Ylia was preparing her magical missiles that always strike true and hard, while Yowira positioned herself bravely next to me. I reasoned I could not look after here while fighting a horde of skeletal beings, so I ordered her, with all my right, to the wagon - to safety. The woman luckily listened to my advise and retreated to the wagon, climbing on top of it.
Before the battle was about to erupt, I prayed to Akron to announce himself in this battle. Seconds later a heavy voice was heard from out of the sky, resonating through the vale like a titan, shaking the very floor beneath the skeletons, shaking their fragile bones to dust.. some remained walking - others were crippled but managed to move as well.
Finally a battle worthy of remembrance! The skeletons all gathered around me, as their vicious claws reached out for my flesh. I parried their blows, and where my skill failed the thick steel of my plates were there to aid me. At that moment I felt the power again. I reached for my Holy Symbol and placed it up in the air, revealing the full glory of Akron. I felt the power of Akron surging through me and at a certain point it all concentrated in the symbol I was holding. I released a holy vow and at that point, it radiated Akrons divine light - destroying all the undead left. May Akron keep their bodies safe this time.
After a small prayer to Akron as a thanks for the glorious victory, we made way again. After a long days ride we noticed a group of bandits gaining on us from behind. We prepared for a though battle, but at that moment other noticed another group from the North. Luckily those were the Royal Guards of the prince, who chased away the bandit group.
With the protection of the Royal Guards we now make way to the Prince. I pray to Akron that he might guide us and grant us the wisdom to overcome this diplomatic mission.

- Arod Baldwin, Holywarrior of Akron

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