A Dark Omen

Jet again horror has struck our group of adventurers and so now we have to start looking for another brave soul to help us in the exploration of Teolin. This time brave Sue has met his match in the form of a Brown Bear.
We have been fortunate to learn that the group as such has been able to combat grief and has found a way to continue their mission.

Brave reader, today's entry won't be nothing more than a memorial of our beloved friend, Sue. Let me explain how his greatest weakness led this lad to his end, where reckless strength could not aid him.
After a very short night and my morning prayers to the Lord of Battles, I headed towards the Inn accompanied by my valiant friend Gondar. How relieved as was, as I saw my friends save eating their breakfast. They were reading a letter from Lady Mholine, explaining to us what our moves should have been. Everything was arranged by her, and we failed to move up to her expectations - just because Ginger couldn't control her temper and moved back to Sharks Edge. According to the rest, the letter contained words that Bridget had a certain interest in Sue, by calling him a "Muscled, sexy man". I often forget the age of my friends. Ginger is still young, but lying to a good friend is just wrong. I recall the saying of the 'Sacred One' back in the 'Steel Halls' on Vicante, "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions". This means that best intentions should not completely be ignored, but it should form a brotherhood with wisdom, knowledge and forethought. Ginger should not have told this lie to Sue, not now - not ever.
I tried to educate the 18-year old girl, but as stubborn as she is - she would not listen. Gondar intervened our discussion, trying to calm Ginger down because I corrected her lie towards Sue. Probably inspired with this 'discussion' Gondar decided to hold a mass, to educate all of us and the people of Sharks Edge with wisdom of his deity Athena. For the moment I hold my tongue, evading another discussion, until after Gondar was ready. People began to gather around, followed by a priest of Poseidon. Knowing their ways, I moved myself beside my friend in case the priest was looking for trouble. Luckily it was just a matter of convincing we meant no harm to 'his' people, so he did not stop the mass - He did stay though. Gondar spoke of brotherhood and cooperation. People were inspired by his tutelage, I only can hope Ginger learned from this as well. Brotherhood. A strong and powerful word.
After the mass was ended, I went to the smith, who still hold some items for me. I sold the Half-plate and the greatsword, for 1 silver each. So with two silver coins in my hand I returned to the Inn and gave Ginger the two silver back, which was the reason of all our discussions. Sue was kind enough to arrange us some transport towards a small island, where we might find a ship what would take us to the haven of Hamlock. Once he returned, he explained that we would be setting sail the first thing in the morning. We agreed and used the remainder of the day as we wished. I myself visited the farmer, who lost his entire crop to a plague, to see how he was doing without a solid income. Luckily this community had some reserves to counter these mishaps.
I returned to the Inn at dinner time, and noticed my friends enjoying each others company. All except Sue. We asked around and it appeared Sue went into the nearby woods, hunting a bear. That boy really has spirit, but a bear wouldn't be my choice of a fine hunt. Ylia and Ginger we're showing worry, while we ordered our dinner. After minutes the others were urging me to come and find Sue. Out of generosity I left my warm meal as we went hunting Sue.
After an hours walk we passed a trail. The trail itself was made by a bear for sure, with bloodstains flanking its path. We followed the trail deep into the woods until we arrived at the bears den. I could not refrain myself from shouting for Sue's name on top of my lungs. A large bear approached from out of its lair, heavily wounded. Quickly I prayed to the Great Warrior to aid us with his presence and within the same moment his glorious sword levitated in front of the angered beast. The beast continued its rage and ignored the sword and went straight to me - its huge claws reaching for my flesh. A sudden explosion on my shoulder made my vision darken for a split second. It felt like a boulder crashing against my clavicle.
Righteous anger took control of me as I began my prayer towards Akron. I felt his power surging through me, as if Akron himself took control of me. I held both my palms outward, aiming at the beast and with a single outburst, a ray of pure, searing light stroke the beast leaving nothing behind but it destructive powers - the beast was slain.
I could feel that my collar-bone was broken, together with the ruin of my shoulder-plates, so I tried to heal myself as Ylia went inside the den to see if Sue was still there. After a few silent moments Gondar followed and they both emerged from out of the den with sad looks on their faces. Remains of what used to be Sue were found inside. Our suspicions were confirmed as I found Sue's necklace between the teeth of the beast. May the Lord of battles keep his body and soul and keep it from harm - Battle hard my friend.
We backtracked the place of where the struggle took place. I found Sue's axe and began a small prayer in this name. Gondar collected some remains of our friend and made a small grave for him. Darkness covered the lands, pierced by some feeble starlight. We headed back and told the village the news of their local brute. I handed his mother his axe to remember him by… Curse his stupidity.

The dawn was especially cruel this morning. We all had a restless night, but fortunately were able to get up early. Our transport was ready and after a proper goodbye we set off towards the haven. Our journey was easy and we made good speed. We arrived at the docks and paid the fisherman for his help. I stayed at the docks to guard our belongings while the rest set of to find means of transport to Hamlock.
After a long while they returned and found a ship for hire including a good crew. Blessed by fate, they accepted the offer and we found ourselves setting sail to Hamlock - a two weeks journey. Life on a ship is certainly not made for me, but I thank Akron for granting us this opportunity. We made a small stop on a remote island but remained there no longer than half a day.

Finally, beyond the big blue horizon we saw the peaks of Hindlock before us. We reached the docks and found us a guide to find the Sink, where we should meet with a man named Vincenzo. He himself was not there, but we gained information that we was still at the vineyards. We arranged transport towards the vineyard where we met with our busy man Vincenzo.
At this moment we have some time for ourselves, which is the reason for this entry in my journal. May the Great Warrior keep us all from harm and guide our wits as we enter the world of diplomacy.

- Arod Baldwin, Holywarrior of Akron

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