The walk to Shark's Edge

Things have gone slow in our Mercantie office, due to the fact that one of our employees there has fallen ill. Besides that, some storms have been raging between the island of Changeval and Mercantie, slowing down the delivery of this report even further. Hence the long delay.
As for the current report, it seems that the interpersonal relations in the group are somewhat under pressure now that the pressure of a common enemy seems to dissipate. We are very eager to see the next report in a short while, as it will be very interesting to see how these relations develop.

Here follows another account into this endless journal. I pray to Akron to forgive me, for my ill behavior towards a friend and companion Ginger. Let me explain:
After a nice rest, we've decided to keep a day all for our self and work out had has to be done. I myself had found some time to clean the shield I found and emblazoned it with the Great Warriors symbol - His sword "Eternal foe" wreathed in flames. I truly hope our mission towards Hamlock will be quick, so I can return to Vicante and report all my adventurous days and glorious victories: Akron be praised.
The next day, we set of towards Quiro in the hopes to find a fast ship which would be able to bring us to Hamlock. Unfortunately, after a small hours walk Ginger was so kind to inform us that her life would be in danger if she and Kethae ever set foot in Quiro again. Curse them all to the Abyss! Take notice stranger, for if you ever bring down the treacherous fiends within those walls and I be still alive - be sure to visit me if possible: I will see to your reward.
We decided to walk all the way towards the little village and discuss our next move there. Once we noticed the twirls of smoke from above the horizon, our pass was quickened. Upon arriving at the village, we couldn't help but notice a few carts with several goods to upgrade the Inn. Filled with content I entered the Inn and settled down after ordering a nice cold ale..
All at once Ginger began shouting against the bartender, wanting an explanation why he has raised his prices. We had to pay several silver for this nice stay in the Inn - at this moment we were rich and all Ginger could care about was a silver extra. Don't get me wrong reader, for I care about Ginger and we had our share of adventure as well, but whining over a silver coin just tickles my frustration a bit. After a small discussion with Ginger she left and went to her room, locking the door, which the Innkeeper was able to get because of our generosity.
After my morning prayer to the Great Warrior, I noticed Sue already eating. I join him and after a while began to wonder where Ginger is. After a little talk with the innkeeper, we were told that Ginger already left the Inn. Assuming she was still nearby and I was already in full battle gear, I asked Sue, who is light-footed, to go after Ginger and bring her back so we can end this charade. After a few long minutes Sue entered the Inn and it seemed Ginger made quiet the fight. Sue explained that Ginger was kicking, and hitting him for tossing her over his shoulder - slightly understandable, but I truly thought nothing could break their solid friendship. It seemed Ginger was headed back towards Shark's Edge, and I asked Sue kindly to run after her and at least keep her from harms way.
I gave my thanks to the innkeeper and wished him and the village well, before I left towards Shark's Edge. I traveled all day and night, passing strangers and even another village, before I finally noticed the few houses of Shark's Edge. Everything was closed so I decided to make a small camp just outside the village.
Right now, I sit against an old tree writing these lasts few words with no friends around me, only enjoying the warm glow of the crackling fire. Friends are truly everything, and I hope Ginger will accept my apology for my misplaced comments and my ill behavior. I will end my account here, now rest is needed, for tomorrow lies another day ahead and I reckon it will be a long day. May Akron keep my friends from harm, while I stand alone.

- Arod Baldwin, Holywarrior of Akron

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