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We have found that many books may help you when you are about to discover the world of Teolin or any other game of dungeons and dragons.
On this page we have just gathered the very basic books that help you get started in the dungeons and dragons game. However, the other pages in this section may be considered under permanent construction. They do reflect our current selection of Dungeons and Dragons related books, but as with most book collections, this collection is under permanent construction and subject to expansion.

The game of dungeons and dragons is a great way to pass your time and many books have been published to help you develop a specific character. Also many books have been published with extra rules for specific situations. While time was passing, we collected a huge number of books, so now we are at a point where a single page was just too small to fit all the books we own. Hence this section, where you can find this page with general advice. Three pages with books of the publishers that have provided us with more then five books and a last page with publishers that are slightly less popular.
Surfing this area of the site, you may find that some covers of the books are placed against a blue background. These books have been reviewed by us and the review is accessible by simply clicking the cover of the books.

So what do you really need to get started? For us to answer this question, we have yet another question: What is your role going to be? Are you a player or are you going to be the dungeon master?

Players only need the Players Handbook or PHB as it is most often referred to. Dungeon Masters or DM's also need a copy of the Dungeon Master Guide or DMG and the Monster Manual or MM.

Before exploring other pages in the books section, it might be interesting to read a little about the conventions used in these pages. These conventions have been explained at the bottom of this page.

The dungeons and dragons game has seen multiple editions and below we have depicted the covers of these three books in the two most popular versions: Dungeons and Dragons third edition and edition 3.5. During your visit to our site, you will find that we use the third edition rules.

PHB image
PHB 3.0

DMG image
DMG 3.0

MM image
MM 3.0

PHB image
PHB 3.5

DMG image
DMG 3.5

MM image
MM 3.5

Besides these, there are two other items that where published by wizards of the coast, that we would like to bring to your attention:

MM 2 image
Monster Manual 2

You can very well do without this book, but having more monsters to choose from if you are the dungeon master, is very nice indeed.
Adventure Game
Adventure Game

The adventure game is a box that has all the things you need to play a low level adventure without reading all the rules or owning any books. This box is great if you are in doubt if role-playing games are fun for you.

Older versions of the books

PHB image
PHB AD&D second edition

DMG image
DMG AD&D second edition

The conventions and explanations

DM Only This indicates that the book is intended for Dungeon Masters Only and not for players.

DM Approval This indicates that some Dungeon Masters may not like players reading this book, while others would have little or no problem with players reading these books. Often these books will have sections targeted at dungeon masters. Players are encouraged to skip over these parts.

Blue background This indicates a review has been published for this book. These can be accessed by clicking on the image of the appropriate book.

Some text Extra other comments by Ylorea.

from zero to five colored treasure chests indicate our view of the quality of this book.
This rating is still under construction, so not all books feature these ratings.

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