The National JOTA Organizers Network:


National JOTA Organizers, registered with the World Scout Bureau, can now join the NJO Network.

Through the NJO Network, you have access to JOTA information that is not available on the general radio-scouting web site. This is strictly for use by National JOTA Organizers.
All electronic information which is sent by the World Scout Bureau to NJO's goes through this network.
Each NJO can subscribe or unsubscribe to the network as he or she pleases.

From he network, you can get help from collegues, exchange ideas and tips for the JOTA organization at a national level. Just post your questions to the list and scan through the reactions.

(Please note that this list is restricted to registered National JOTA Organizers; if you are not a registered NJO, this list is not for you and you cannot access it)
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