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HB9S, the World Scout Bureau's voice on the air


Special Notice:

The 56th JOTA in 2013 will be the last one for HB9S. The World Scout Bureau intents to move out of Geneva next year, so there will be another call sign for the amateur radio station next year. HB9S started operations in 1969, taking over from VE3WSB at the Bureau's previous location in Ottawa, Canada.

The upcoming JOTA on 19 - 20 October will see a farewell party for HB9S with a special QSL card. Make sure you get your last contact with HB9S. The station operates from the Geneva Scout Centre " Les Perouses" on the outskirts of Geneva for the full JOTA weekend.


The amateur radio station HB9S of the World Scout Bureau in Geneva operates again this JOTA from the Geneva Scout Centre "Les Perouses" on the outskirts of Geneva for the full JOTA weekend.

QTH locator: JN36AE.

Coordinates: 46 12' 18" 38 N, 6 2' 19" 17 E.

See the location on a map, click here

To find QTH locators, click here.

The station will be run by an international team of Scout radio operators as well as Yves, HB9AOF, station manager and Richard, PA3BAR, World JOTA Organizer.

With a bit of luck, you may be able to make a contact using your local repeater station and just a portable radio. At HB9S, you can speak directly with the camp participants and the World Scout Bureau staff. You may send requests for pre-arranged contacts (skeds) in advance to the station manager by email: hb9s@sunrise.ch. Please note the propagation predictions when selecting sked times:

Find out at which time you can hear HB9S.

Making a contact with HB9S may sometimes take some patience. Usually many stations are calling at the same time. The operators will do their very best to make contact with Scout stations worldwide and speak to Scouts in as many languages as possible.

You can see here on our electronic plot map the actual contacts that HB9S is making during the JOTA weekend. Also, when one or more of our transmitters is active, you will see the "On Air" indication together with our actual transmit frequency when you click the web-logbook link below.