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Below you can download an experimental version of LyX for Win32, based on version 1.3.5. It’s rather complete. There is also another (older) port at Claus Hentschel’s page. Claus’ port needs a lot of extra stuff (X-Server, cygwin) installed, which is the reason I started a genuine win32 port. This port here uses Qt 3.2.1 non-commercial for windows.

For LyX to work, you’ll need:

  • MikTeX properly installed.
  • These fonts installed in the windows fonts directory.

Optionally, for graphics conversion you’ll need:

  • ImageMagick. The convert executable needs to be in your path.


         06-01-2005 Fixed (most?) font issues with 1.3.5-nc.

         04-01-2005 Added 1.3.5 based on Qt 3.2.1 Non-Commercial

         31-12-2004 Added 1.3.5

         07-12-2004 Added latest patches

         08-03-2004 Put page back up. Added native language support. (locales)

         13-12-2003 1.3.3 released. Should fix some of the conversion script issues.

         15-6-2003 Re-packaged the whole thing. Small updates to this page.

         29-5-2003 Added missing mathed icons.

         18-5-2003 Update to 1.3.2. Fixed export bug. Removed console window. Fixed reLyX.

         2-5-2003 Added link to font package.

         17-4-2003 Fixed graphics path bug. Added English dictionaries.

         27-2-2003 Included stripped down version of Python and Perl. Included docs. Fixed preferences and tables bug.

         7-1-2003 Added libmmd.dll to the archive.

         16-1-2003 Fixed a bug and added mathed icons

Known bugs:

         Some scripts don’t work yet, supposed to work are: reLyX, lyx2lyx, graphics conversion.

         Equal sign sometimes doesn’t show in math mode. Change Preferences->Look and Feel->Screen Fonts->Zoom. Don’t ask!


Just extract & go. Place it in a regularly named directory like C:\Proggies, not in Program Files! No spaces allowed in pathnames….

More elaborate instructions can be found on the LyX Wiki.


         lyx-1.3.5-win32-nc.exe (Compiled with Qt Non-Commercial 3.2.1.)

         lyx-1.3.5-win32.exe (Experimental version compiled with the kde-cygwin Qt, math fonts are still messed up)


         For localized (native language) menus: (Only for 1.3.3!!!)

         lyx_intl.rar (eg for german set the following environment variable: LANG=de_DE)


For 1.3.5:

Get aspell from and install it as c:\aspell. Its not possible to relocate yet. You can get dictionaries from the same site.

For 1.3.3:

spellchecking works, if you put the dictionaries in the right place (lyx/lib/aspell and lyx/share/aspell). See for further info. You only need the dictionaries, the aspell executable is useless for LyX.

As an example, here are the English dictionary files: lyx_aspell_dict_en.rar. Follow the directory structure in this file. (Extract with WinRAR) No need for fiddling with the speller setting in Preferences; aspell is always used.

Debugging info

When lyx is run from a shortcut or terminal windows with –dbg 3, you’ll see some nice debugging info.

Compiling (updated 20050104)

Want to compile it yourself? These are the most recent patches to the LyX 1.3.x source code.

         lyx-win32-extra.tar.bz2 (Some extra header files, MSVC wrapper and README)

         lyx-win32.diff.bz2 (Diff against CVS)

         quick_fix.diff (Dirty compile fixes)

         msvc.diff (Pathes for compiling with MSVC)

         The latest binary you will find here is compiled using MSVC 8 beta, Qt Non-commercial 3.2.1 and Cygwin. With the new free Qt port from the kde-cygwin project, it's possible to compile the whole thing with mingw (and msys), or MSVC 7.1 (aka 2003) and up. The free Qt port still has a few bugs though.


None from my side. However, I’d appreciate any comments.

More help can be found on the LyX Wiki, or the mailing list.

Ruurd Reitsma (please use the mailing list for any support questions, I will not respond to I can’t get xyz to work type of questions)

Page last updated on 2005-01-04 (year-month-day).