TGV Types

                                            Below you can see ALL different TGV Types wit their names and the lines they use.  


TGV 001: TTGV (Turbo Train a Grande Vitesse) Gas turbine TGV Prototype.


TGV Paris-Sud Est (PSE)  Paris to the South East of France

LGV:  PSE / Rhone Alps / Mediterranee 

TGV Postal. Owned by La Poste. Paris to the South East of France.

LGV: PSE / Rhone Alps / Mediterranee

TGV Atlantique. ( TGV A) Paris to the (South) West of France.

LGV: Atlantique / Jonction / PSE

TGV AVE (Alta Velodicidat Espagnola) Owned by RENFE for the route Madrid - Sevilla

LVE Madrid - Sevilla

TGV Euromed owned by REFE for the Line Barcelona - Valencia

LVE  none

TGV Reseau. (TGV R) Entire TGV network.

LGV: All lines.

TGV TMST (Eurostar)  Paris - London / Brussels - London

LGV: Nord Europe / CTRL

GNER Eurostar. Leased by Great North Eastern Railways (UK)  for the London - Leeds services.

LGV: none

TGV TMST EX Eurostar. Eurostar with the TGV logo used by SNCF for the services between Paris and Lille.

LGV: Nord Europe.

TGV PBA (Thalys PBA)  Paris to Brussels and Amsterdam

LGV: Nord Europe / HSL-Zuid (in 2007)

TGV PBKA (Thalys PBKA) Paris to Brussels, Cologne (K) and Amsterdam.

LGV: Nord Europe / LGV Est Belgique (Brussels to Lige) HSL-Zuid. (in 2007)

TGV Duplex   Paris to the South East of France.

LGV: PSE / Rhone Alps / Mediterranee / Nord Europe (Paris - Lille) and to Barcelone in 2007 or 2010

TGV Melusine. LGV  inspection vehicle.

LGV: ALL  twice per month

TGV KTX ( Korean Train eXpress) For the services between Seoel and Pusan