TGV 09226 "Thalys du Livre"

The story beginns on 7 march 2004. NS and Thalys announced to make a special TGV "round trip" through Holland. I looked at the timetable and said. I wanna make some nice shots of that TGV service. The first and probably the last one to the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Via the E newsletter of the dutch national railways (NS) I received some more info about this special run. And that there were just 80 tickets availlable. Almost at the same moment I clicked on a link to the site where you could sign in for tickets. Ther was still a seat free for the run between Amersfoort and Deventer. I signed in emediatley.

Days past...........

11.03.2004 still no news about my ticket, I had givven up any hope for my seat. Wat I had to do? Standing next to the track, making pictures of a train flashing by in several seconds.

BUT on 12.03.2004.... finally a letter from the railway company. One of the seats would be reservated for me. And I was Happy, no not Happy, much more then that. With the letter 3 tickets were included. 1 ticket to Amersfoort 1st class, a ticket from Deventer to any other station in Holland, first class aswell, and the ticket shown below:



Ticket Thalys du Livre






That night I couldn't sleep at all.

The following day I went to Amersfoort, I was 1,5 hours early. (better one hour early than a minute to late). About four other trainspotters were there. We talked in raillanguage.

09:53 TGV 09226 arrived at Amersfoort, exactley on time. How many trainspotters? I dont know, but there were more then 30 I believe. And all making just the same picturs.

TGV PBKA 4345 as TGV 09226 "Thalys du Livre"at Amersfoort. 13.03.2004

Still the question, Why a Thalys round trip through Holland?

The answer is simple. In Holland you got every year a "week of the books" This year the theme was France and Gare du Nord. Gare du Nord. The place where you enter france if you travel by Thalys. And the Dutch railways ere the main sponsor of the "week of the Books". "Thalys du Livre" = Thalys of the literature. Insite this train were some wrighters like Youp van 't Hek, Philip Freriks and Paul Haenen. At Amersfoort a special place was reservated for the wrighters to sign the books. (a picture will be added this week)

Books can be special for a lot of people, but the children seems to have had more interest in the red TGV. And Thalys thought about the children. In Holland Astrix and Obelix are famous, and the are french aswell. While the wrighters signed their books, the children has the once in a lifetime opportinity to take a closer look inside the Thalys cabine. And Astrix made picturs of the children sitting in the driver seat.

Hey Asrix, can you say hello to everyone?


And Obelix, Sorry but you cant get through those small TGV doors.

Till sofar Amersfoort station.


  Lets get inside "Thalys du Livre"


10:42 Depart.


"Madammes et monsieurs, bonjour dans la Thalys du Livre aux destination Deventer".

Inside the Thalys the service was again PERFECT. Two young lady's served us with drinks and croissants.

Inside the Thalys we all got a bleu bag with the books of the wtighters who were insite the same train. And the wrighters were signing the books.







Philip Freriks signing his books

















Also Youp van 't Hek was signing the books he had written.

It was a special experience. To be in the first and last TGV to literature....................................................................................

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