HSL-Zuid, the Dutch TGV line



The HSL-Zuid is the first High Speed Line in Holland. The line makes it possible to travel throug Holland at 300 km/h.

The line exists of two parts. The first part is from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Rotterdam Central station. The second part is from Barendrecht to the Belgium border. The HSL-Zuid is the first of three lines for the Dutch High speed network. But it will also be one of the most expencive lines in Holland. The construction of the line cost the Duch goverment more then 7.3 billion EURO. Two compagnys will operate on the new line:

1. HSA. Wich stands for High Speed Alliance, a cobination of NS (national railways), Schiphol and NMBS (Belgium railways).

2. Thalys. For sevices between Amsterdam and Paris.

HSA will operate services between:



The Hague-Rotterdam-Breda

The Hague-Rotterdam-Antwerp

Every day more then 96 domestic rail sevices will use the line.  Thalys will operate about 16 trains fram Amsterdam to Paris a day. Therefor it's most likely that their services to Cologne will be taken over by the German National railways (DB) with the ICE 3. These trains are allowed to use the TGV lines, and are operating at the moment between Frankfurt and Brussels, Using the new Belgium HSL.






HSA (domestic) services.







Time can be safed by 50 percent.

From Amsterdam to:      Without HSL-Zuid        With HSL-Zuid    
 Rotterdam      1 h + 5   minutes                    35 minutes    
 Brussels      2 h + 51 minutes       1 h + 25 minutes    
 Paris      4 h + 15 minutes          3 h + 03 minutes    
 Breda      1 h + 56 minutes                55 minutes    
 London      7 h + 40 minutes       3 h + 40 minutes    

                Some facts and figures of the High speed Line

Total length of line: approx. 100 kilometres

Construction: piled concrete slab track
25% of the route will be at ground level, the remaining 75% consisting of approx. 170 elevated or sunken structures: flyovers, underpasses, embankments, cuttings, four tunnels and a major bridge over water
Cost: EUR 7.3 billion (2003 prices)
Opening: 2006-2007
Stations: Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam, The Hague and Breda
Speed: up to 300 km/h
Power supply: 25kV
Safety: Europe's most modern rail safety system  (ERTMS)
Crossings: no level crossings
Between Leiden and Burgerveen (8 kilometres) the line will run alongside the A4 motorway; between the Hollandsch Diep and the Belgian border (approx. 25 kilometres) alongside the A16.
Key features:
Bored tunnel under the Groene Hart, 7 kilometres long
Bridge over the Hollandsch Diep (longest bridge over water between Amsterdam and Paris at 1.2 kilometres)

Below you can see the HSL-Zuid map.




- Leiden

- Zoetermeer


- Rotterdam Centraal (station)



-Breda junction north

- Breda

- Breda junction south



- Belgian border (hazeldonk)



High speed line verses motorway