Welcome to the "HIJSM 113" special. here I will show you why TGVfan.tk is little updated last months. But when wetter gets wors, more time will come availeble for my website. 

HIJSM 113 in it's yellow NS style. Before 1970, those trains had the diesel red color, like the photo below.

The train: The HIJSM 113 is an 44 year old diesel train type "Plan U" DE3 from the first series 111 - 115. It's a powerfull and fast ( allowed topspeed 130 km/h) train, and capable of moving 160 people on those un electrified lines. But after 40 years, it was over and done for the prototypes 111-115. The remaining "Plan U's" were overhouled and were equipped with new engines and ATB NG.

In september 2003 the Haarlem - IJmuidense Spoorweg Maatschappij (HIJSM) had the opportunity to get 2 of the older trains. And the lucky ones were the 113 and 115.

Work was starting first on the 113, couse this train was the worst of those 2 we thought. Little months later, the first Diesel clouds were comming out of the engine. But she wasn't able to run yet.  Lots of dirty work had to be carry's out. Cleaning, reparing, testing. Working during rainfall to get things done in time. And then, after 10 months.......

The trains is allowed to run on almost the entire network. Above 2 pictures taken during our first run.

  Train number / Type     Able to run?     top speed (km/h)     Project  status   train color when finished
  113               / DE3     yes     110 (disgn speed = 130)          ongoing     Diesel red
  115               / DE3     within 18 months we hope     -      (disgn speed = 130)       started on 04-09-2004     NS yellow (current color)
  180               / DE2     no     -      (disgn speed = 110)         unknown.    still unknown

Trainset 113 was withdrawn from service due to: it's age, and was not refurbished

Trainset 115 was withdrawn from service due to: it's age, and was not refurbished

Trainset 180 was withdrawn from service due to a engine fire.

Trainset 168 (DE2) is also owned bij HIJSM  and will serve as a Office.

Pictures can be found here.

Info can be found here at HIJSM.nl