Nederlandse versieThird day: from Baumes-les-Dames to Roche-lez-Beaupré

At half past eight the baker is sounding the klaxon on the parking place for camping cars. Pepijn is getting some bread for us, we are having breakfast and we are leaving soon. 

After two kilometers we arrive at the first lock. We are locking 4 meters 20 down and arrive on the river Doubs. We cross the Doubs and navigate at the dictated distance from the shore. The whether is fine and we enjoy navigating through a beautiful landscape. 
I se an old hydro power station at Fourbonne. I see near almost every weir something like it but I really don't know if they are still in operation. They don't look well contained as far as I can see.  

The children are changing beds today which isn't going very flexible. They can't get along today. I decide to make a long stop near a football field. I see a village, Ougney-les-Champs and stop but we can't find a football field or any other place for the children to play. We navigate on therefore. Halfway the next lock we see a football field but I don't dare to stop. I fear there isn't enough draft. So I navigate on to the next lock in Douvot . Here also is an old hydro power station. Again I can't see if it is operating. There is flowing some water in. A factory of tools is located here now.

I am Iifting the bikes across the lock gates after we have finished lunch and so the children can go by bike to the football field we have passed this morning.  

We go on as the children are back. We yell as we see a boat for the first time on our journey. It's very calm on the water. The whether is fine but it's cloudy. I estimate it's about 13 degrees Celsius an a cold wind is against us. We are navigating almost the entire day on the river. We see an old paper factory in Deluz at one of the few canal sections. This section ends with a double lock in which we go 6,37 meters down. 

This section of the river isn't very beautiful. We aren't in the hills anymore, the high watersides are grown with brushwood. The signs with the prescribed distances unto the shores can hardly be read.

We are navigating along Novilars and search for a good place to moor for the night near Roche-lez-Beaupré. The canal is very low here and the banks are steep and closely grown. Eventually we succeed to moor just ten meters behind a safety lock at a spot where a little staircase of stone makes it possible for us to climb the high waterside.

We will be navigating to Besançon tomorrow. It is only 11 kilometers far. It must be easy to reach the capital of the department Doubs tomorrow morning.