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Welcome to my world of logic puzzles.
This site is dedicated to the World Puzzle Championship (WPC). This annual event was held for the first time in 1992 in New York, and has celebrated its 11th edition last year in Oulu (Finland).
I have been a competitor in these championships twice and with some good results too (10th (1999) and 6th (2001) in the individual event and 2nd (1999) and 4th (2001) in the team competition). Since my first appearance in 1999, I am addicted to these kind of puzzles.
Since then I have tried to make some logic puzzles myself. Some will feature on this site, but most of them feature in Netherlands' best logic puzzle magazines, "Breinbrekers" and "Logimix" (issued by Puzzelsport).

What can you expect on this site?
On this site you can find more information on the World Puzzle Championship. Also there are a lot of test puzzles for your enjoyment. E-mail addresses of a lot of (past) competitors are available and, of course, there are many links to other logic puzzle related sites.
New puzzles, from my hand, will be added frequently. Also when I have new information concerning the WPC you will be the second to know.
If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask them.

Latest Changes/News

October 18th 2005:
- Ulrich Voigt again the Wolrd Puzzle Champion;
- Germany take the team trophy;
- Updated and new statistics can be found here;

June 13th  2005:
- Bram de Laat is the new Dutch puzzlechampion! After 6 years Niels Roest 's reign has come ta and end. For the results see Hans Eendebak's site. You can also download the Dutch puzzles there!
- Updated statistics after the Dutch national round can be found here;

October 31st 2004:

- It’s been a year. But finally more puzzle news.  Niels Roest winner of the 13th WPC. Read my report;

- There is also Hans’ report;

- Full results on the WPF site;

- Also updated Babilon rankings;

- The instruction booklet and teamphoto’s at Feniks;

November 1st 2003:
- High resolution team photo's at Puzzelsport;
- Detailed results of all the puzzles at Hans Eendebak's home page;
- Detailed history of all the past puzzlers and teams;
- 7th PQRST-competition just ended;
- Now people from over 100 countries have visited this site;

October 24th 2003:
- Booklet #11: the rejected stuff. This booklet not only contains rejected puzzles but also the reasons why.

October 20th 2003;
- Ulrich Voigt won his third after a spectacular final against Wei-Hwa Huang; Roger Barkan gets his first podium place (3rd);
- Jana Tylova: first lady in the top 10;
- Germany took their first ever team championship; USA (2nd) overtook The Netherlands (3rd) in the last team round;
- Three new individuals in the Babilon ranking, making it a total of 50 puzzlers who made the top 10 after this year;
- Pictures from the scene;

October 14th 2003:
- Check out the Puzzelsport site for the instruction booklet;
- The WPF-forum will provide you some errata and discussion about this years puzzles.

June 19th 2003:
- Finally booklet #10 is on line. It contains some new type Breinbrekers puzzles (based on Ouluian WPC-puzzles) and some extra puzzles with appeared to be difficult on the last Dutch National finals. So just a booklet for some extra practice. I keep all the real new stuff for this years WPC. My next booklet will not be posted before the end of the 12th WPC. It will contain all the "not good enough for the WPC" puzzles.

June 15th 2003:
- The US/Canadian and the Dutch/German/Belgian qualification rounds were held within the last two weeks, here are some of the results;
- Also the puzzles from both the events are available on the world wide web;
- The Babilonranking for the Dutch National round puzzlers has been updated;

May 31st 2003:
- Ulrich Voigt (Germany, twice WPC-champion) won the 4th edition of the 24 hours puzzle marathon in Budapest, Hungary. Read more about it on the WPF-forum;
- The Dutch pre qualifications are finished. Winner was Remy de Prez, same as last year. We'll see how he does in the qualification finals against the other 49 competitors on June 14th 2003;

May 14th 2003:
- The Dutch qualification round will be available on May 15th (pdf-format). Qualifying closes May 19th. The 50 best puzzlers of the Netherlands will then meet for the finals on June 13th in Hoofddorp.
- The US and Canadian test will be held on Saturday, May 31st. Contestants must register on or before 9:00 PM EDT on Thursday, May 29, using the online Entry Form.
- They have been unavailable for quite some time, but now parts from the 9th WPC in Stamford, USA, are back on line again.
- Samples from the 2001 event in Brno have been made available on the US-puzzle site;
- Also samples from the 2002 event in Oulu are available on the US-puzzle site;
- Photos and reports from Oulu also feature on this site

February 22nd 2003:
- Finally I got some more news for you: The 12th WPC will be held in the Netherlands, read all about it!!!!
- Since I take part on the puzzle making rather than the puzzle solving part of this years WPC there will be no new booklet until after the Dutch National round on June 14th 2003.
- Hans Eendebak, responsible for the this year's WPC-puzzles has launched his site earlier this year;
- One of last years WPC teampuzzles is on line, see the WPF-Forum for details.
- My puzzles are to be translated in German and will be available on Otto Janko's puzzle site.

September 30th 2002:
- Niels Roest of The Netherlands won this years WPC in Oulu. Top ten results (both team and individuals) are posted on the WPF-forum;
- Statistics including this years results can be found here;

June 23rd 2002:
- First (annual) Puzzle designers tournament has finished; Try to do this puzzle in 19 moves (or perhaps less).
- Dutch National round puzzles are on line;

June 11th 2002:
- Team Germany is formed: Michael Ley, Ulrich Voigt, Roland Voigt and Gerd Prull-Aden will take on the rest of the world;
- Always wanted some real WPC 2001 puzzles? There are some available in the 7th WPF newsletter, now available for download;

June 9th 2002:
- The 6th annual Dutch National Puzzle Championship was held on June 8th in Hoofddorp. The results are now available. Also the Babilon ranking for Dutch puzzlers has been updated. For those who got their hand on a copy of the Dutch preliminary round: Remy de Prez won with a total of 988 points...

May 21st 2002:
- The Dutch Preliminary round will be available from May 22nd-27th 2002 at Puzzlesport;
- Team USA has a new URL : wpc.puzzles.com;
- The American/Canadian/Finnish qualifying test will be held June 15th 2002. You can register now and make the practice test;
- All results of past WPC's are now available on this site;
- Also some statistics about the first 10 WPC's can be found on this site;
- Booklet number 9 is now available for some more practice;

April 17th 2002:
- Revised booklet #8, mastermind puzzles were not included correctly;
- Germany will hold a National Championship again;

April 14th 2002:
- The Turkish National round is on line, only in Turkish for the moment, but an English will be available, I'm told.

April 11th 2002:
- A practice puzzle for the Dutch preliminary round is available at Puzzelsport;
- Added booklet number 8;

March 23rd 2002:
- Team Turkey for the 2002 event is already formed;
- I finally added Hans' Top 11 quotes on the 2001 event on this site, I added one additional quote;
- There is more information about the Dutch qualification round;

February 28th 2002:
- I revised my 7th booklet;
- There is more news on the upcoming 11th WPC in Oulu;

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Last updated: October 31st 2004