These pages are dedicated to the third edition of the Talisman board game. Talisman: The Magical Quest Game is a board game produced by Games Workshop based on fantasy roleplaying (sadly they don't produce it any more, but second hand copies can be found regularly on internet auctions). This game has much in common with the classical roleplaying game: Characters gain experience by seeking adventure, collecting objects, battling monsters, casting spells, etc. , with the ultimate goal of obtaining the Crown of Command. Some additions to the game are presented here. 

  • There are not much links to other talisman sites here. But a good starting point are the Talisman websites of John New (Talisman Island) and Sam Wallace. Numerous links to other sites can be found there.

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Last updated august 2002. The presented additions of the Talisman board game do not aim to infringe the legal rights of the publisher (Games Workshop), but only mean to enhance the pleasure of playing these games.