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Update : 12/04/04





Dutch DIY Audio day 2004




It was cold outside, the nights long, the children already in bed, your partner in the pub and even the dog did not wanted his walk.

So you had enough time, the past couple of months, to do your utmost best to build that one amplifier, pre-amp or low waf profile speakers. It made you proud !


So after American and Canadian example


The Dutch DIY audio day

17th April 2004


This day allows you to present every one what you have build in your basement, to discuss and see 3 presentations.


All presentations have all to do with audio or DIY audio.

I have asked Jan Didden to explain in more detail about Audio PCB Design, Ward Maas about the Myths of the CD, Steven Veenma to tell us all about his DIY electrostatic Headphones and last but not least Guido Tent about Jitter.


The rest of the is all up to you !

So bring your speakers, amps, pre-amps etc. cause this is what we come to see and hear.

The last in a respectable manner since the locations has to oblige to certain regulations.


Do you have spare components for sale or trade, than there will be time for it also.



What will the day look like?

Mainly, this is up to you. In great outline it could be :


·         10:00 Welcome

·         10:15 presentation Jan

·         10:45 1 of you presenting his/her gear

·         11:15 presentation Ward

·         11:45 1 of you presenting his/her gear


·         12:30 Lunch

·         13:00 Presentation Steven

·         13:30 Presentation Guido

·         13:30 Discussions, 1 of you presenting his/her gear and  component trade

·         16:00 End



What will it cost ?

The whole day will cost you 10 euro

It is based on location rental for a day, coffee and tee for the whole day and a small gift for the presenters.

You’d like to have a lunch ? This is also possible and will cost you 5 euro.



What to do when you are interested ?

Send me a mail with your name and address, how many people you will bring and if you like to use lunch. And especially what you will bring to show us !


Your registration is finalised when i received your contribution.

When the number of registrations is to low or for some other reason the day can not take place ,the contribution will be transferred back to your account !


The Location?


It will take place at :

Buurtshuis Maasstraat

Maasstraat 4

7303 GE Apeldoorn






Contact Information


You’d like to register, be a sponsor or you have other questions, feel free to contact me at  :


ST de Feber







For those who where afraid it would noy happen anymore, be at rest.

There are a lot of interesting contenders (40) with as much interesting things to show (10)!

Preparation is full steam ahead !



Registrations is closed.