This site is about the localization, design and photo's of bunkers, and radar systems of the Atlantic Wall in The Netherlands.
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Besichtigungsbemerkungen der atlantik wall durch Generalfeldmarschalls Rommel. 24 bis 26-03-1944. 
On 17 july 1944 Gen.Feldm. Rommel was seriously wounded by an air-attack while driving in his staff-car. There was an assessination attempt on Hitler on 20 july 1944. Hitler declared in august that feldmarshals von Kluge and Rommel had a relation to the actors. On 14 october Rommel committed suicide

  • Baupunkt 63 This is an interesting site with a mammut radar bunker V143 and a marinesignalstelle. 
  • Baupunkt 66 (Seeziel Batterie Wijk am See)
  • Baupunkt 75Near this point, the biggest bunker constructed in IJmuiden can be found.
  • Baupunkt 77 At this location a depot for torpedo's can be found.
  • Baupunkt 80 (Flak Batterie Metzing Alt) Regretfully this site was demolished to create a parking place.
  • Baupunkt 81 (Seeziel Batterie Heerenduin) Many bunkers are open, so a visit to the inner side is possible.
  • Baupunkt 82 (Flak Batterie Olmen) Many bunkers of this location have been dugget out of the sand and can be seen.
  • Baupunkt 84 This point contains a 501 and 621 bunker.
  • Baupunkt 85 This point contains a tankwall and some small bunkers
  • Baupunkt 87 This point contains a 501 quarter
  • Baupunkt 92 (Flak batterie Sud-Ost)This point contains a very nice Fl246 depot
  • Baupunkt 92-south This point contains a "Walzkorpersperre".
  • Baupunkt 109 This point was the headquarters of fortress IJmuiden.

  • Information about IJmuiden can also be found at the WOVIJ website. See link-section. 
    Normal size Map
  • Baupunkt 14A (MAA 205) Command post of the MAA-205. An m152 and three m151 bunkers can be found here.
  • Baupunkt 14B (Seeziel batterie Vineta). A complete and interesting battery.
  • Baupunkt 14C (Flak Batterie Nordmole) an 625B can be found.
  • Baupunkt 14D Here a 611 can be found.
  • Baupunkt 18 Just a tankwall can be found here.
  • Baupunkt 25 (Seeziel batterie Brandenburg) This gun-battery has three turrets which were removed from a Dutch ship.
  • Baupunkt 75 This location contains a 601 and a small quarter.
  • Baupunkt 76 This location contains a damaged 134.
  • Baupunkt 78 This location contains two bunkers.
  • Baupunkt 79 At this location a small emplacement can be found.
  • Baupunkt 81 
  • Baupunkt 93 (XIX) At this location many fortifications can be found.
  • Normal size Map

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