V 1.16.3

Genealogica Grafica

13 nov 2010

Make an ancestor or descendants chart for web publishing. Produce an elegant web-style genealogical text in your own language. Link charts and text and publish it on the web. Superb results and easy to produce from a gedcom file.

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Genealogica Grafica will be recognized as the norm for the publication of graphical genealogical data on the internet.


Genealogica Grafica is the successor of KStableau, of which the last version (V4.1.3) can still be found on the internet. Genealogica Grafica offers the same charting capabilities as KStableau, but with enhancements, such as:
  • a much improved User Interface
  • new charts (timelines, trees)
  • geographic map of birthplaces
  • capabilities for personalized report phrasing
  • superior Gedcom consistency checks
  • inclusion of Gedcom notes and sources
  • editing of tableau
  • translation of the UI to another language
Version 1.0 is fairly complete and includes the following tableaus:
  • ancestor chart (pedigree) plus outline
  • descendants chart plus outline
  • ancestor tree
  • descendant tree
  • timeline descendants chart
  • geographic map of birthplaces

V1.1 will have in addition:

  • inbreeding charts
  • relationship charts


What you see of Genealogica Grafica is completely different from KStableau. I can tell you that also the inside of it is vastly different. The chance that this rebuild has resulted in bugs and glitches is always present. From interested users I have received around 70 gedcoms which I use for testing. But nothing is as good as an interested user who checks if the teableaus and texts come out as he/she expects them to come out. Therefore: your contribution to testing is essential, provided that you:
  • report everything  that is not to your liking (and don't try to spare me)
  • describe it such that I can reproduce what you mean
  • include your gedcom and parameter file if it is an error specific to your chart. (Both to be used for testing only. Privacy guaranteed.)

What's new (relative to KStableau) ?

The user interface is completely different, but you'll get used to that soon enough. More important are the functional enhancements:
  • you can specify the depth of a chart (tableau and tree)
  • there is a 'tree' for ancestors (license holders)
  • you can integrate the text into the tableau (pop-ups)
  • you can edit the title and links in a tableau and add new ones
  • full control of colors and background images
  • comprehensive search for persons (name, ID)
  • integrated inspection of the gedcom
  • you can even edit the gedcom
  • enhanced tests on gedcom consistency
  • sort children and marriages
  • choice of presentation of names
  • determine the level of detail in the reports
  • add gedcom note and source records
  • add an index of the names in a report (license holders)
  • specify your own report phrases
  • distinguish between married and living together and more
  • specify how you want dates and places to be shown
  • write the whole user interface in another language
  • print nearby family and tableau
  • suppress persons for privacy (specify rules for it)
  • add a visitor counter to the report
  • link chart to Legacy, GeneWeb or PRO-GEN reports
  • geographic mapping of birthplaces
  • circle diagrams


Genealogica Grafica would never have reached its current state without the help of many people. In particular I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Annemarth Sterringa for her genealogica insights and the supporters listed to the right for their language contributions.


  • Arne Eckman (Danish)
  • Ralf Store (Finnish)
  • Rauno Nurmi (Finnish)
  • Philippe Horemans (French)
  • Berthold Jockenh÷fer (German)
  • Ulrich Thoma (German)
  • Ralf Store (Swedish)
  • Erling Utne (Norwegian)
  • Wim Blok (Norwegian)
  • Tore V°ien (Norwegian)

Version information

1.16.3 13 nov 2010The site has been moved to a new domain. Versions prior to V1.16.3 will seek updates on the old domain. You need This version to stay atuned with the update service.
1.16 6 nov 2010Extensive report on how to handle duplicate entries in gedcom
1.15 5 Sep 2010New gedcom checks: double entries for BIRT, BAPT, BURI, DEAT, MARR?
1.14 31 May 2010Improved gedcom errors layout
1.13 2 Mar 2010German user interface
1.12 13 Feb 2010Advanced printer settings. Norsk user interface
1.11 30 May 2008 Intermarriage tableaus: max nr of nodes under user control
1.10 30 Apr 2008Print gedcom error report
Distinguish BIRT / BAPT on <9months children warnings
1.9 25 Mar 2008Suppress entries in the gedcom errors report so that next time they'll not show.
1.8 20 Jan 2008New tableau: All persons in context (publish your gedcom without revealing it)
Import/export parameters harmonised
1.7 14 Oct 2007Translation of Profession, Place names and Notes for 'foreign language' reports
Privacy: partners will be shown if suppressed person's name is revealed
Nickname: explicit choice of nickname in Tableau Namestyle
New gedcom check: find persons who are not connected (alone or in groups)
1.6 27 June 2007Circle diagram for descandant charts
Easier to produce reports in more than one language
Application data stored in line with Vista style
1.0 19 Aug 2006First release